The arris group continues its dns attack with The support of the iana and icann



If ex-President George W. Bush had not played a role in the design of the ICANN anti-terrorist activity,  American citizens may have fared better. It looks like Bush made ICANN pro-business and anti-democratic. If American citizens have no ICANN ombudsman and if America’s House of Representatives is controlled by neocons, companies can have their way with DoS attacks.

The Arris Group business is currently enjoying government assisted help with its DoS attacks on American Internet users. It’s joejolly’s SECOND  time he has been attacked this way(the duration was short the first time). Joejolly now wonders who selects the suckers to be attacked. Did joejolly make the “sucker list” when he did not complain about the short DoS attacks of several years ago? Who provided, for the Arris Group, the sucker list of targets for the DoS attacks?

Joejolly sought help from an ICANN ombudsman but could not find one on ICANN’s website – only found the word, “OMBUDSMAN” written in BIG letters with no CONTACT information to be found. And ICANN’s contact information for itself excludes an Internet link. Your route into ICANN is by way of telephone(your dime) or facsimile(again your dime). One could easily draw the conclusion that ICANN doesn’t want to hear from the people who pays their salaries. Fascism or democracy?

The Arris Group denial of service attack goes on. But if you ask The IANA who belongs to IP address it won’t tell you the truth(the Arris Group) – it will tell you to check your printer and/or your camera. That is meant to send you off on a “wild goose chase”. Joejolly decided to ask WireShark. That program said that IP address was used by the Arris Group.

Is it really a denial of service?


Could The IANA really be covering up a denial-of-service attack  by the ARRIS GROUP? Asking Google to define DOS introduced this info from Wikipedia. Listen:

[…] In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users.[…]

If someone, in machine-gun fashion, sends “messages” to your internet connection every 3 seconds, that is a DoS attack. Next, you may want to deal with the reason for the DoS attack. However, if the DoS attack is done by BIG BUSINES  under the auspices of The IANA, you have a real job ahead of you.

Remember Windows 7 paging feature? That feature kicks in if the operating system decides it needs more RAM. That RAM need comes from the hard-drive.

Joejolly’s first notice of the Arris Group’s working on something that might make them all RICH came by way of his hard-drive. He wondered why his hard-drive was behaving rhythmically, continuously – day-in and day-out. While observing my firewall and listening to my hard-drive, I thought I saw a connection – an Internet connection.  And indeed there was one.

defining Corporate Abuse of The internet



Above is from joejolly’s firewall. Every 3 seconds there is a “message” from the ARRIS GROUP.


Above is from TigerShark


Above is from TigerShark – giving more information about who is connected to your IP address than The IANA will ever give you.

  1. Arris Group Inc.: ARRIS Acquires SeaWell NetworksThe Wall Street Transcript ‎- 1 day ago

    SUWANEE, Ga., April 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ARRIS (NASDAQ: ARRS) announced it acquired Mississauga, Ontario-based SeaWell …

More news for arris group

Arris Group – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    ARRIS Group Inc. is a telecommunications equipment manufacturing company that provides cable operators with high-speed data, video and telephony systems …


  2. ARRIS – Investor Relations

    ARRIS GROUP is inventing the future of content delivery—from creation to consumption. … 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ARRIS Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARRS), a global leader

Above is from Google

So, this company – ARRIS GROUP – is inventing the future of content delivery by practicing on your IP address – RIGHT?  And it’s ok to use the Denial of Service tool  in that effort to make mo money for greedy bastards RIGHT?  Every 3 seconds joejolly’s system reacts to the ARRIS GROUP’S desire to “invent the future of content delivery” by screwing over a population of Internet users. There might be a real reason why one cannot easily find an ombudsman in the Internet world. The IANA said it might be my printer or my camera.

Actually, this is not the first time joejolly has tried and failed to communicate with The IANA. He tried on two other occasions. I do believe both were blogged. One of them was the exact replica of the current one. But it was short lived. ARRIS GROUP has gone crazy.

Does America have an ombudsman in icann?


Back when Ex-President George W. Bush wanted to use the Internet as an anti-terrorist tool, there was talk of American citizens having representation in the management of the Internet. American citizens own the Internet. Tax dollars paid for it.

Joejolly wanted to interface with the  American citizen’s representation in ICANN. After all – joejolly did not escape to France when it came time for his military duty. Joejolly spent 4 years in the United States Air force – most of that time in Security Service – having a cryptographic security clearance(only atomic was higher).

So, it was off to ICANN’s website in search of an ombudsman.  Surely Ex-President, George W. Bush, in pushing for his control of the Internet did not leave America’s citizens out of an influential role in Internet management – RIGHT?

Some websites are easier to navigate than others. Sometime a site’s visitor may not understand the “breadcrumbs” too well. Joejolly, at ICANN’s website, saw the word – OMBUDSMAN in BIG LETTERS but was unable to find the name of a human being attached to it. It could have been an oversight on the part of joejolly that he found the word, “OMBUDSMAN” but no contact information for that word. Did ex-President Bush care more about terrorists than America’s citizens? He did usher-in the BIG BROTHER era.

The Ex-President, a neocon, trampled the privacy of America’s citizens via his attack on the 4th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Why should his control of the Internet fare any better?

If you were on an ICANN webpage that laid out organization structure but only spelled the word “OMBUDSMAN” what would you think? Does the American citizen have representation in ICANN?

can icann hub offices be contacted via the internet?


The below contact is the only contact types that  joejolly has  found so far:

Los Angeles, CA, USA

12025 Waterfront Drive, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90094-2536

Phone: +1 310 301 5800
Fax: +1 310 823 8649

These types of communications might tend to discourage reporting problems with the Internet that Republican(but not neocon)President Dwight Eisenhower promoted and paid for with tax-payer money back during the Sputnik days.

Are you aware of Icann?


Did you ever hear of Mr. Mike Roberts? Did you ever hear of President George W. Bush?

They were both mentioned by author, Kieren McCarthy on October 29, of 2001. It was a post on theregister  website  And here is the title of the post: Ex-ICANN CEO outrages with 11 September outburst. Listen to this:

The former president and CEO of internet overseeing body ICANN, Mike Roberts, has angered members of internet community including an ICANN director, a well-respected computer scientist and various lobby groups with a political diatribe on the 11 September terrorists attacks, posted on a newsgroup for the At-Large Study group.

Mr. Roberts, who was the organization’s first CEO and left his post in March this year, wrote extensively on his feelings toward the attacks and the new terrorism bill that President George W. Bush and Congress have just signed.[…]

It seems that ex-President George W Bush had a hand in Internet design. And that spells trouble for the Internet – all the way down to users. Although it was mentioned, joejolly does not know if any of that period’s directors came from the user domain. One might think that those directors with users in mind would frown upon The IANA allowing internet users to be innocent victims of Denial of Service Attacks from corporate America.

Bush, a post 1980 neocon President, had serious reasons to fear backlash from the Arab world. He used the 9/11/2001 attack(mostly by Saudis) to design a military attack against oil rich Iraq. He gave Iraq’s oil to America’s BIG OIL. And he told the Arab world to, “bring ‘em on”.  He deliberately put America in harm’s way to benefit oil men like the Koch brothers. Did Americans see oil prices go down? Can a bear fly?

Joejolly may search for the makeup of the Internet management. Do Americans, whose tax dollars paid for the Internet have any input into how the Internet is managed? We know the neocons are trying to steal the Internet from Americans and give it to big business. And it will pain your brain to hear their proposal of theft.

The IANA and denial of Service


The denial of service attack against joejolly continues. Here is a snapshot of today’s(4/17/2014) denial of service:

Denial of Service_4_17_14

Outside the realm of the perpetrator this is terrifically stupid.  The IANA should not be a “willing component” to this stupid and perhaps – one day – illegal activity. Joejolly asked Google about the legality of  this denial of service activity. Listen:

By now the world knows that not even the death penalty  will persuade some human beings from doing evil.  But corporate citizenship, prior to 1980, frequently set the example for citizen behavior. But that is rare today. De-regulation is with us today. Denial of Service is with us today.

Every three seconds a The IANA approved and provided IP address connects to joejolly’s system. Why? This is neocon America and neocon America permits most anything.

The IANA knows but won’t tell who is doing the denial of service. The company doing the denial of service got the IP Address from The IANA but The IANA won’t tell. However, if you use WireShark  to view your Internet activity, you can see more, much more details than The IANA would give about the “nasty” activities it protects. You can even see the name of the company doing the denial of service activity.

Joejolly, in a previous post used WireShark to find details about the IP address that The IANA provided for the denial of service. It is a company manufacturing stuff for the Internet. And although, with Microsoft’s help, joejolly was able to block most IPV6 stuff – that did not prevent IPV4 stuff. Denial of Service ought to be as illegal in America as it is in other civilized countries of the world. Is it?

Would The U.S. Government be a party to internet denial of service(DOS) attacks?


A DOS attack is currently being used against joejolly’s computer system. The company responsible for the attacks is the Arris Group, Inc. That company manufactures stuff for the Internet. And The IANA, shielding the name of the company, provides cover for the DOS attacks on American citizen’s computer equipment. Apparently America’s computers provides a free resource for the company – courtesy of The IANA.

During the neocon era BIG BUSINESS has been able to trample America’s citizens. DOS attacks now joins flaming tap water, loss of privacy, loss of jobs, loss of the lives of 6,000 American soldiers, loss of treasury revenue, loss of democracy(they called it socialism) and loss of other things American.

But that company name is hidden by an IP address that is assigned to The IANA. The IANA will not reveal the name of the user it assigned the IP address to. If DOS attacks are illegal it sounds like The IANA is a part of illegal operations – doesn’t its?

During the neocon era, we have seen politicians who demonstrate the idea that “ the ends justifies the means”. That is, of course, not only un-democratic but also stupid. Some human beings will eagerly seek instant gratification in a trade-off with democracy.

The Denial-of-Service Internet Activity Is subdued but continues


The attack is not nearly as bad as it was prior to The Microsoft Assist to Windows 7 users who have been negatively impacted by the ICMPV6 142 Router Advertisement. Joejolly wanted to know the cause of something that was connecting to his system every 3 seconds? Joejolly asked The IANA.

The IANA Representative mentioned a printer or possibly a camera as being the possible problem. Joejolly did query his printer manufacturer but withdrew the question after viewing ICMPV6 data from Wireshark.

Wireshark captures not only data topics – it also captures content from the Internet. Look at this Wireshark output and tell me what you think?


While the data is not as clear as joejolly would like it to be – you can see on line 2 Src: ArrisGro and again on lines 7 and 8 you can see the same name.  So what would you do at this point? You would likely do what most human beings on planet earth would do -you would ask Google! And that’s precisely what joejolly did. He asked Google.  Here is a small part of Google’s answer:

Arris Group – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Is the Arris Group, Inc hiding behind an IANA IP address? If so, why?When the IANA representative mentioned a printer or a camera as being a possible joejolly DNS problem why was this activity left out?

Joejolly now feels he knows the source of his DOS problem. He will rely more on Wireshark and less on the IANA. The IANA provides a nice hiding place for companies NOT wanting to be associated with the output of their work. Is DNS activity illegal? Maybe it depends on who is doing it and why they are doing it.

Joejolly’s hard disk was constantly in motion


Joejolly could not explain the disk activity. Was the activity generated locally or via the Internet? Was the activity a privacy threat?

The George W. Bush era has been an era of invasion of privacy and the tool used for that activity has been the Internet. Joejolly’s hard drive was connected to the Internet. Joejolly asked several applications what was causing the hard drive activity. And here is what the firewall said:

2:23:11 PM
2:23:08 PM
2:23:05 PM
2:23:02 PM
2:22:56 PM
2:22:53 PM
2:22:50 PM
2:22:47 PM
2:22:44 PM
2:22:41 PM
2:22:38 PM
2:22:32 PM
2:22:29 PM
2:22:26 PM
2:22:23 PM
2:22:20 PM
2:22:17 PM
2:22:14 PM
2:22:11 PM

Joejolly asked WHOIS for information on the IP address that was responsible for  his hard drive’s activity every three seconds. This list is three or four days longs.

IP Information for

NetRange: –
NetName:        MCAST-NET
NetHandle:      NET-224-0-0-0-1
NetType:        IANA Special Use
Comment:        Addresses starting with a number between 224 and 239 are used for IP
multicast.  IP multicast is a technology for efficiently sending the same content to multiple
destinations.  It is commonly used for distributing financial information and video streams,
among other things.

[The Denial of Service Attack(DOS attack), from an IP address registered to IANA, continues. IANA is a function of America's Government. America's government, since 1980, has been tinged with a fascist tinged neocon political party. That's the party that warns against  terrorist attacking Americans while doing a good deal of the attacking themselves. One attacks humans and structures while the other attacks America's superstructure.

The neocons attacked America's ECONOMY, TREASURY, CONSTITUTION, etc. The IANA is a function of the American government which is still under the influence of the fascist minded neocons.]  

[4/14/2014 : joejolly has discovered, with the help of WireShark that his problem was caused by ICMPV6  142 Router Advertisements. Further Google Internet search revealed that joejolly now joins an army of complaints about the ICMPV6 Internet Router Advertisements.

Microsoft afforded joejolly significant relief for his Windows 7 Operating System. That information can be found here. While helpful, there are still  ICMPV6 142 Router Advertisements attacking joejolly's system. It looks like a case of legal DOS. It kinda reminds one of the case of legally depriving one of one's Constitutionally guaranteed privacy.]

Google’s Kevin Rose Didn’t Do It!

Sticky website tells us:

Google Ventures’ Kevin Rose Targeted by San Francisco

For those who are just waking up to America’s crashed economy, perhaps its better late than never. There is a housing problem in America and it is not new. The neocons have been working on crashing labor and labor’s wages since 1980. Don’t blame Google’s shuttle buses for something that is beyond their control.

The American voter has had many years to respond to an approaching disaster. But no alarm was sufficiently raised by big news sources. So, the “creeping malaise” lived on and kept creeping. BBC News, in  2006, said this:

[…] So for politicians of all parties, trying to understand how the average family can gain a greater share in future prosperity may prove one of the biggest electoral challenges of the year.

wages and productivity

Looking at the above graph one can easily see that Google didn’t do it. The Democrats didn’t do it. The real Republicans(prior to 1980) didn’t do it, but the post 1980 “Republicans(neocons)” did do it. The neocons flattened the wage increases of the working class of Americans. Remember how the greedy rich used to bemoan a few pennies increase in the minimum wage – swore that inflation would be rampant. But, what did happen? Lets listen to Ben W. (bdarbs)

The Disconnect Between Wages and Home Prices

Ben W. spoke of the housing bubble. If salaries and wages stay flat, (courtesy of the neocons) but home prices do not – what happens? A housing bubble happens. When the source of a problem is neocons of the highest rank, all America will likely be impacted – and that includes California. It’s not Google’s fault. The problem was almost knowingly the work of America’s electorate.

Alameda’s housing advocates are focusing on government. That is an attempt to solve a current problem. If housing owners can’t be persuaded to “compassion” in neocon America and boycott is out of the question then gaining a high tech job might be an option.

Shouldn’t America thank Google and other companies that pay good wages on American soil rather than build something off-shore where few Americans might be hired?

A CIA Torture Report May soon be Made public


The reason for the above is that the Senate Intelligence Committee has voted to release parts of that secret report which criticizes the CIA’s methods of interrogating terror suspects. The news story was brought to the American people by the VOA news website. Listen:

VOA News

April 03, 2014

WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee has voted to release parts of a secret report criticizing the CIA’s methods of interrogating terror suspects after the 2001 al-Qaida attacks on New York and Washington.
The committee’s 6,200-page report says waterboarding and other interrogation techniques used during the presidency of Republican George W. Bush were unnecessarily cruel and yielded little valuable intelligence.[…]

This isn’t the first time that America attempted to investigate accusations of torture leveled at the CIA under the leadership of Ex-President Bush and Ex-Vice President Cheney. Joejolly described Mr. Cheney’s response to US Government investigation of the CIA as “coming out of retirement squealing like a stuck pig”. News site  posted the event this way. Listen: news

August 26, 2009

Former US vice-president Dick Cheney has questioned President Barack Obama’s trustworthiness on national security after the US Justice Department announced an investigation into alleged CIA prisoner abuse. Mr. Cheney took aim at the investigation and at Mr. Obama’s decision to create a team of elite interrogators to grill suspected terrorists under White House supervision.  The former vice-president called both steps “a reminder, if any were needed, of why so many Americans have doubts about this administration’s ability to be responsible for our nation’s security. Attorney-General Eric Holder has picked Assistant[…]

Several news sources attacked the “Guantanamo can’t be closed” idea attributed to Vice President Cheney. But as the Vice President and Mr. Rush Limbaugh talked about Guantanamo on the Rush Limbaugh radio show here’s what we hear:

At one point, Limbaugh mocked President-elect Obama’s promise to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Cheney agreed and defended Guantanamo, saying that it has been “very well run”:

The idea that Guantanamo was well run comes from the same intellectual pool of thoughts as the idea that the Iraq war was fought over weapons of mass destruction.

Joejolly, long ago, described the neocons as having “painted themselves into a corner with their Guantanamo caper. Where did they keep the evidence against those being held? Joejolly never heard one word about how tough it was to manage the Guantanamo  “evidence collection”.

While “400 prisoners of war”  400 detainees(Geneva Conventions would have protected the penis of POWs) were accused of crimes, you never heard one word about the evidence of those crimes. And time was running out on the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney Administration.

What to do? They had painted themselves into a corner.

The Bush(George W.) team tried to hand their problem off to prosecutors who decided they did not want those cases of trials without evidence.  A military tribunal was tried. President Bush(George W.) ,as COMMANDER IN CHIEF, handed a case off to a military tribunal. The results were not what the neocons hoped for so the neocons came up with another idea..

The idea to have the suspects convict themselves came into play. Torture could play a role in persuading a victim to talk. If, with scalpel in hand, you grab a man’s penis(female terrorists were exempt from this procedure) and threatened to slice it, the victim might come around to confessing to most anything you wanted him to. And the attackers, in order to clear their own conscious and that of America’s, redefined the word torture to  enhanced interrogation. Smart grown men, huh?

Ex-President George W.Bush’s Administration is the most evil administration America has seen in many, many years. And the count of those having evil wishes in America, is significant otherwise that evil behavior would not have lasted twenty-some-odd years. Perhaps the work of the Senate Intelligence Committee can help return America to DEMOCRACY.

Obama And Cheney both Said–it’s here to stay


Just what is here to stay? For the President it’s health care for Americans. For Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney it’s Guantanamo.

America is now experiencing, from the Democrats, what it should have experienced long ago. America is now experiencing what it did not experience during the early 80’s. The Democrats now seem to know the neocon/Tea Party is quite unlike any major political party known to America. And that might now explain the direct, strong opposition to neocons anti-democratic behavior. It is highly unlikely that, “read my lips – impeachment is off the table”, will ever be heard from the Democrats again.

The total damage done by the neocons to America’s Democracy is not yet known but the Iraq war, a crashed economy, narcotics sales to minority neighborhoods of Reagan country(Los Angeles, Cal.), slicing the penis of terror suspects(female terror suspects don’t have penises to slice), are taken into account, no other political party comes close to neocons. NAZIs come from Germany – not America.

And when the Democrats made a public announcement about investigating the activities of America’s CIA, Retired Ex Vice President Dick Cheney came back into public life, “squealing like a stuck pig”. And the investigation, started by the American Government – into an organization it owned -  died.

And today, we hear President Obama say, it’s here to stay. But he is not talking about Guantanamo, he is talking about HEALTH CARE for Americans.

It was Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney who was talking about Guantanamo. Did the Ex-Vice President know, at that time what “PRISM” just told America’s Senate? Listen:

Report: CIA Misled Public About Terror Detainees

[Had President George W. Bush been impeached in 2006/2007 America would be experiencing none of the disasters it is experiencing today. Compare what Ex-President Bush(George W.) did to what Ex-President Bill Clinton did and you see the introduction of a double standard in America’s House of Representatives ]

political lobbying is at work


After a country makes it to the top, there could be nowhere else to go except toward the bottom. And America, since 1980, seems to be “cashing in” all its “good will toward men” in exchange for a trip toward the bottom.

America’s neocons/Tea Party have defined the top. This may be the first time in recent history that a group of politicians(neocons) deliberately topped out  a country’s livelihood in order to change the type of government.

Various political lobbies are now at work in hopes of getting their system designs incorporated into a new political definition. One political lobby concerns itself with sodomy and cunnilingus. These processes have been brought out of the closet and into mainstream. The long term effect of this behavior on the population is unknown at this time. Like the neocons’ fracking, it could be a “crap-shoot”.

The racist political lobby is also at work. The idea here is to disenfranchise blacks so that the political influence will mainly be defined by whites. And no less than the late William Buckley Jr. seemed to be satisfied with that idea. And when you look at the progress that mankind has made in the technical world, you might even want to further restrict that white group to American whites.

However, the world needs to be more accommodating than forced single race domination. It’s mainly greed, not reason, that is at work here.

The Republican leaning states political lobby is making itself heard – often via the tune of cuss words.

The big business political lobby , perhaps the loudest and most effective, makes itself known via news sources.  And the relationship between news sources and politicians does not appear to be independent. Rather, it seems biased. So, with much favoritism by the press and with the help of the “men in black” America’s business has much influence in America’s politics.

With big business in the loop, American politicians have two sources of income – salary(provided  by the one man, one vote idea) and campaign expenses (provided by  business lobbyists). A single business lobbyists has been known to spend $30,000,000 on a single campaign.

So, what can the “one man one vote” idea do in the face of such opposition? Social networks? The one man one vote group is starting to talk on social networks. And politicians, the world over, are deathly afraid that the subject may turn to politics.

[joejolly thanks whoever he should thank for enabling Windows Live Writer again]

Joejolly Still Can’t Use The Windows Live Writer Tool


Someone or something has intervened in joejolly’s usage of Windows Live Writer. After using the tool for years, joejolly can no longer use it. All blogging tools EXCEPT Windows Live Writer connects just fine to the WordPress server. This problem, discovered several months ago – still exists. Here is the error message:

Can’t connect to your blog service

Network Connection Error – Error attempting to connect to blog at:


Unable to connect to the remote server

Please try fixing the problem and then try again

Joejolly now knows he cannot fix the problem.

Joejolly believes the repair or feature that corrects this problem is under Microsoft’s control.

And joejolly still does not apologize for revealing the Corporate performance of Microsoft after Microsoft demanded that joejolly “click” on a button to prove his operating system was valid. While waiting for a response, Microsoft turned the background of joejolly’s computer screen black. And now another problem: Windows Live Writer refuses to write for joejolly.

What Is The Current Status Of The Bush Doctrine?


Will the world ever know how the neocons feel about the Bush Doctrine?

The Bush Doctrine claimed the sky for the Bush team. Rockets and missiles and stuff use the “sky” as a transportation medium. The neocons “reasoned” that if they put an “off limits” sign on the sky, they would be the only ones to have “sky rights” for nuclear weapons delivery. The first thing that might come to non-neocon minds is: isn’t that illegal?

theguardian news website announced the news this way:

Bush issues doctrine for US control of space

Now joejolly asks – what happened to that Bush Doctrine? It is a document brought to life by the President of the United States of America. What happened to it? theguardian, an otherwise surperb newsource, said this:

[...] George Bush has staked out a bold claim to the final frontier, asserting vigorously America’s right to deny access to space to any adversary hostile to US interests, it emerged yesterday.[...]

That description makes the Bush Doctrine sound like an important document. What happened to it? What happened to the Bush Doctrine? Don’t ASK THE PRESS.

Well, can the United Nations be asked? Does the United Nations believe anything can be held for the benefit of mankind? It does and it has said as much. But whenever the UN has been at loggerheads with the Bush neocons, the UN has been docile. If the United Nations did not say, “hush yo mouth” to the Bush Doctrine, who or what did? Well, two countries responded and effectively said to the Bush Doctrine, “hush yo mouth”.

Nothing is a better attention getter than the prospect of having done to one’s self what one is threatening to do to someone else. Unlike the Iraq victim, two countries showed a capable resolve to retain their space resources and their rights. China and Russia responded to the threats of the Bush Doctrine. And the Bush Doctrine shut up.

China test sparks space arms fears

[...] Last week, according to US officials, China managed to destroy one of its own ageing weather satellites using a medium-range ballistic missile.[...]

Arctic seabed ‘belongs to Russia’

The Bush team decided not to go to war with China and Russia over ownership of the sky. The sky does not have the instant appeal of oil. .

With the Bush Doctrine now in hibernation, news sources followed the lead of the neocons and put the news story into hibernation. The United Nations simply continued to not bite the hand that feeds it.

What Political Questions Can You Ask The RollCall Website?


Speaking and listening are two attributes of websites whether the website is political or not. Since RollCall is so heavily neocon, joejolly thought that he might gain some information about specific questions he had.

A website that calls “penis slicers” GOP is sure to have information on the war that was a catalyst for much of what crashed America economically and politically. So, joejolly typed into the search bar: “cause of Iraq war“. and here is the response:

This page can’t be displayed
Make sure the web address is correct.
Look for the page with your search engine.
Refresh the page in a few minutes.
Check that all network cables are plugged in.
Verify that airplane mode is turned off.
Make sure your wireless switch is turned on.
See if you can connect to mobile broadband.
Restart your router.

The acronym “GOP” was all over the front page of the RollCall website – referring to promoters of dope peddlers and penis slicers as “Grand Old Party”. Joejolly typed into the search bar: “GOP” and here is the response:

This page can’t be displayed
Make sure the web address is correct.
Look for the page with your search engine.
Refresh the page in a few minutes.
Check that all network cables are plugged in.
Verify that airplane mode is turned off.
Make sure your wireless switch is turned on.
See if you can connect to mobile broadband.
Restart your router.

Joejolly started to think he was in the presence of an oracle. The oracle speaks. You listen.

One Of Two Of America’s Presidents Used The Presidential War Tool To Satisfy Greed


Who are the Presidents? One of the Presidents is George W. Bush and the other is Barack OBama. One of the Presidents was motivated by Democracy while the other by Greed. One of the Presidents wanted to select an “unknown” for the highest court in the land(he was stopped by his own party). The other is trying to put competent(not necessarily “Libertarian” ) people in office. These people are not afraid to say the word, “DEMOCRACY“. They don’t equate democracy to socialism. Welcome to post 1980 America – neocon style.

Greed is a condition of greedy bastards. Greedy bastards focus their greed on products and resources. Neither legal nor ethical constraints can stop greedy bastards from greed satisfying activities. And yes, war is a tool that sometimes is used to satisfy greed.

In response to an attack on New York City by mostly Saudi Arabian citizens, Bush(George W.) attacked Iraq. Bush attacked the weak, but oil rich country, of Iraq because Saudi Arabian citizens attacked buildings in New York City. In Case you find this puzzling, just recall the skit of the Three Stooges. Stooge number one slaps stooge number two in the face. And instead of stooge number two returning the slap to stooge number one – he slaps stooge number three.

The United Nations describes what was done to Iraq as aggression and illegal but went no further.The World Court, for some reason , can’t seem to get interested in war crimes sourced by Western Nations. While there is no Statute of Limitations on war crimes, there is a “statistical limitation” on the life expectancy of committers of war crimes. In the case of the Iraqi war, many people, military and non-combatants died to satisfy the oil greed of an American President who just happened to be an oilman..

George W. Bush, a Republican, was aligned with neocons, Tea Party and extreme right wing Republicans. The expression, “republican led states” has been introduced by a news source to remind Americans that Americans have not always been led by a President but have been divided by a Civil War that promoted free fornication and free labor . It is quite noticeable what the two color themes can do when combined in free fornication..

Joejolly does know what the Quakers said about slavery but does not know what the Catholics said about slavery. And as we all know, it was a Republican who ended slavery in America. And much of the American press would have the people they influence believe that Bush and Lincoln are GOP. Much of the press, apparently, believes America has forgotten that the “G” stands for GRAND.

There is a real reason why America’s academic mastery started to slide under the neocon leadership. The neocons not only attacked Sesame Street, they also attacked or neglected academic performances for adults. Visit the history page of the ICPC where you can see the last 21 years of performances of college students engaged in worldwide academic competition.


ICPC 2013

ICPC 2012

ICPC 2011

ICPC 2010

ICPC 2009

ICPC 2008

ICPC 2007

ICPC 2006

ICPC 2005

ICPC 2004

ICPC 2003

ICPC 2002

ICPC 2001

ICPC 2000

The neocons have done nothing for “sea to shining sea America“. They need a dumb America who will accept what they have delivered to America over the last twenty-some-odd years. With dumb Americans listening, some may even believe the neocons complaining about recess appointments. President Obama has been trying to get neocon co-operation for his entire life(presidential life). The neocons are after destroying the America we all know.

One of the neocon politicians, perhaps in a sound state of mind, even volunteered the “filth” that the neocons have been willing to plan with the President. Remember neocons also said that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons. And once their moving lips spoke or their moving finger wrote – nothing could call them back to erase even half a line.

Joejolly Asked Google, “Which Koch Bros owns oil”?


Listen to this list:

Showing results for Which Koch Brothers own oil
Search instead for Which Koch Bros own oil

Koch Industries – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia
Charles and David H. Koch each own 42% of Koch Industries, and Charles has stated that … This process threatened the competitive advantage of established oil … In 1970, Charles was joined at the family firm by his brother David H. Koch.
?Cargill – ?Koch family – ?Georgia-Pacific – ?Invista

About – Koch Brothers Exposed
From their hundreds of oil spills, to their efforts to dismantle any social net for … Koch Industries, which the brothers own, is one of the top ten polluters in the …

Koch Industries, Inc.
Koch Industries
USA. Diversified multi-national group of companies, active in trading, petroleum, chemicals, energy, gas liquids, asphalt, man-made fibers and intermediates, …

The United States Of Koch | WBUR
Jul 3, 2012 – They own practically everything: Based in Wichita, Kansas, they own companies around the world in oil drilling, refining and … sided with the Koch brothers on the Citizens United case and the Affordable Care Act case. 12

Voters Beware: Koch Brothers are Billion-Dollar Hypocrites | MyFDL
Koch Industries, which the brothers own, is one of the top ten polluters in the … Koch Oil of scheming to steal $31 million of crude oil from Native Americans.

Koch Brothers’ Products – Inspiration Green
Koch Brothers Products and Pollution. … L.P. and its affiliates own or operate about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined petroleum products, …

Joejolly next asked Google,”Did the Koch Brothers Benefit From Iraq Oil”?

Here is what joejolly saw:

About 3,540,000 results (0.61 seconds)
Search Results

REPORT: How Koch Industries Makes Billions By Demanding ……/charles-koch-welfare/?
Mar 1, 2011 – During the occupation of Iraq, Koch won significant contracts to buy Iraqi crude oil. … The Koch brothers have claimed that they oppose government intervention … SolveClimate recently reported that Koch Industries will reap huge profits … Koch also benefits directly from billions in taxpayer subsidies for oil …

Koch brothers could make $100 billion profit from Keystone pipeline › News?
Jan 24, 2014 – Keystone XL Pipeline Could Yield $100 Billion For Koch Brothers … its land, and Koch Supply and Trading, which would benefit from oil …. He did them that favor so his successors will decline to prosecute … As far as the wars here we are 5 years later and after Obama promised to end Iraq and Afghanistan …

For the Koch brothers: Possible $100 billion in tar sands profit if ……/-For-the-Koch-brothers-possible-100-bil…?
Daily Kos
Oct 21, 2013 – Iraq’s oil reserves — thought to be the second largest in the world — have ….. LLC is among U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit from the Obama …. Will the TeaParty and the Koch Brothers’ heads just explode?

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Secret Iran Sales ……/koch-brothers-flout-law-getting…?
Bloomberg L.P.
Oct 3, 2011 – Phil is a former Koch manager, says company stole oil. …. “Given the regulatory complexity of our business, we will, like any business, have issues that arise. … admitting it had paid bribes to companies in Argentina, Bangladesh, Iraq and Venezuela. …… Employees should sue for benefits and higher pay.

When major press elements fail, for whatever reason, to answer political questions – why not ASK GOOGLE? It would have been a great step backwards if that owner of Fox News had successfully persuaded America to KILL GOOGLE.

Will Certain Koch Brothers Own America If Their Neocon/Tea Party Is Successful?


Reading about the politics of the political Koch Brothers reads just like reading about the Republican, and/or the neocon/ Tea Party. And the text reminds one of that Internet quip: “We know how to run the country – all we need is someone to sign off on stuff.

Who will America be voting for in the next National Election – a Republican, A Democrat or the Koch Brothers?. Joejolly searched the Internet for information related to the Koch Brothers adventures. The below is the first four of the Google search:

PatientsUnitedNow – YouTube
Shona Holmes, a survivor of brain cancer, is interviewed on Fox News regarding her first hand experience with how the the government run Canadian …

Americans for Prosperity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In May 2009, AFP launched “Patients United Now”, a project to, according to their website, oppose “a government takeover of the United States health care …

Patients United Now health-care reform ad – Consumer Reports Online › … › Health-care reform ads?
Consumer Reports
Patients United Now is a project of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, which advocates limited government and opposes tax increases. Its other projects …

Patients United Now Ad: Strong On Emotion, Weak On Facts
May 27, 2009 – On May 27, 2009, Patients United Now, a new group funded by the right-wing Americans for Prosperity, released an ad titled “Survivor” that .

Wouldn’t you be scared to death of America’s Government being in the hands of a few business men? Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt expressed his fear in the 30′s – listen:

Message to Congress on the Concentration of Economic Power
Franklin D. Roosevelt
April 29, 1938
To the Congress of the United States:

And the threat continued. Sewell Avery was President of Mongtmery Ward when he came into the political spotlight. Listen to this:

[...]Avery was a National Advisor of the Crusaders, a fascist front group of the American Liberty League. He was also a University of Chicago trustee “where an anti-radical drive took a sudden spurt after the Crusaders went into active anti-labor activity”[...]

The Koch Brothers have paid a lot of money on the upcoming election. Why do YOU think they have done that? Could it be a continuation of what Past Democratic President Roosevelt warned against in the 30′s?

Is The Bush(George W.) Created NSA Spying On America Over?


Do you recall reading, some time ago, of a NSA “accidental connect” to Washington DC’s 202 area code? Well, joejolly does and apparently that information has not been covered up. And perhaps, now, even FOX news might low-key its Republican-led states initiative since NSA is, in reality, an initiative of a Republican led state. Joejolly thought the press, to a large extent was going to forget that news. Major press elements have not forgotten. And America’s Congress seems to sense a real threat.And the source of the threat is a neocon concoction.

The “Republican led states” ,since 1980, have been a throwback to the Confederate led states. The post 1980 Republicans and their Tea-Party theme “smacks” of America’s Civil War. And Bush, George W.’s state, has been a part of several divisive acts(3) carried out against these United States. George W. Bush should be brought to justice. And if that does not work, justice should be taken to George W. Bush.

Listen to this:


That question comes from the news website of And from that news posts comes shocking revelations for America but not for neocon/Tea Party. The neocon/Tea Party have been displaying anti-American, anti-Democratic behavior since 1980.

The neocons/Tea Party are a bigger threat to America than foreign or home grown terrorists. America’s buildings and citizens are attacked by one group. The other group attacks AMERICA.

How Long Have Republicans Been Fighting “Obamacare”?


Listen to these comments from Democratic sources about the Republicans:

Friend — You’ve got to be kidding me: John Boehner and the Republicans just voted to repeal Obamacare — for the 50th time.

It’s ridiculous. President Obama even took a moment to commemorate Boehner on this historic waste of time: “You know what they say, 50th time’s the charm!”

After 50 failed Obamacare repeal votes and over $30 million in anti-Obamacare attacks from the Kochs, it’s clear the GOP just doesn’t get that we will never, EVER let Obamacare be repealed! Our new stickers will help get the message out: Get your hands off my Obamacare!


Hooray for the Democrats. It is about time that they stopped trying to make the neocons/Tea Party into pre-1980 Republicans. The post 1980 Republicans opposes the Fourth Amendment to America’s Constitution and opposes Obamacare for America’s children. Even idiots, by now, should have noticed the Republicans NEVER, EVER give supporting data to back up their desires. Racism still works in America. And if you dangle the Internet in front of the press – much of the press – will follow you anywhere .

Have you ever heard the Republicans referrence the data maintained by the World Health Organization? Probably the answer is no. Well, “Obamacare” is a part of the healthcare of a nation and WHO dotes on evaluating the healthcare of nations.

And you say you ain’t never “heared” the neocon/Tea Party use WHO’s data in their fight against “Obamacare”? Hush yo mouth.

Joejolly, the REAL joejolly(there are now many fake ones on the Internet), revisited two of his earlier posts on healthcare for Americans. And joejolly immediately saw why the status-quo was quite satisfactory for greedy bastards. Look at this: .

Profitability Among Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

And Republicans have been fighting “Obamacare” since 1945. They didn’t call it “Obamacare” back then because there wasn’t a skin pigmentation property they could use.

It is high-time the Democrats started Telling It Like It Is. The neocons got BOLD. One of them had the nerve to say, they co-operated with President Obama. You could not prove him a lie back then because the Democrats were being kind to the worst politicians America has seen – perhaps ever.

Lets continue with Joejolly’s posts on the WHO Organization’s wealth of health care data.



Florida closes only tuberculosis hospital amid worst outbreak in 20 years

Health officials in Florida hastened their closure of the nation’s only dedicated tuberculosis hospital on cost-cutting grounds as one of the worst outbreaks of the deadly disease in 20 years was taking a grip on the state, it has been revealed.[…]

New York State declares influenza emergency

The governor of New York State, Andrew Cuomo, has declared a public health emergency because of the severity of this year’s influenza season.

The World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems

31 Finland
32 Australia
33 Chile
34 Denmark
35 Dominica
36 Costa Rica
37 United States of America

County Health Rankings

Click on your state to see your rankings

List of countries by infant mortality rate










United States

President Truman’s Proposed Health Program

This Day in Truman History

November 19, 1945

President Truman’s Proposed Health Program

[…] On November 19, 1945, only 7 months into his presidency, Harry S. Truman sent a Presidential message to the United States Congress proposing a new national health care program. In his message, Truman argued that the federal government should play a role in health care, saying “The health of American children, like their education, should be recognized as a definite public responsibility.”[…]

The Republicans have been fighting against healthcare since 1945. Harry S. Truman and the rest of the Democratic Presidents who fought for health care were not the right skin color to “personalize” the neocon attack effort.

Two of joejolly’s earlier posts can be found here.

Delivering poor quality(to the masses) at the highest prices sounds like a winner to greedy bastards.

Why Did The “Men In Black” leave The Privacy Concept Back In The 1700′s?


In 1979, one year before the neocons got control of America’s government, the “men in black” decided that a private conversation would have to be conducted in private space. By 1979 communication facilities had grown from mouth to ear or two tin cans attached by a string. Actually by 1979 the telephone line had grown from a party-line to a private-line. That gave you the idea that you could indeed communicate “private information” to a “private person” on the telephone line.

Before 1980, democracy expressed no real desire to know what EVERY American was talking about when using a telephone – either public telephone or private telephone. But the George W. Bush Administration KNEW that its war operations(Iraq) would encourage all manner of retaliation.

Saudi Arabian nationals(mostly) attacked buildings in New York City. Ex-President Bush(George W.), in response, attacked Iraq. Iraq did not attack America but Bush(George W.) attacked Iraq. Why? He didn’t say(truthfully). So, the truth is left up to minds of Americans to fathom. The whole world knows that Iraq’s oil went to America’s BIG OIL.That sounds almost as evil as politicians come – including Adolph Hitler.

Bush(George W.) knew that every testosterone bearing Arab likely did not hold him in high esteem. And if any did, he blew that with his Presidential proclamation of, ” bring em’ on”. To know what was going on, he decided to “tap” everybody’s phone. He lied about that too – said he was only tapping international calls. His name is George W. Bush, not George Washington(last name).

So, the men in black – in 1979 – paved the way for George W. Bush to wreck most of the world’s stability and the prize, for Americans, seems to be higher prices at the gas pumps and eves-dropping on their telephone calls.

Republican Led States Have Been Highlighted By Fox News


What does the combination of Fox News and Republican led states bring to America’s Democracy? While much, if not most of the world knows the news worthiness of Fox News well enough to “tag it” the same may not be said for some of the Republican led states. Big mouths of Republican led states have been outspoken, but profanity can’t be what Fox News is highlighting – can it?

Lets look at the State of Utah. Utah is a Republican led state that has been in the news lately. Listen:

Aron Osmond, Utah, Utah State Senator, Calls For End To Mandatory Education

While children with wealthy parents could survive such a disaster by setting up private schools, it would be a real problem for the middle and lower class parents who depend on public schools to provide education for their children.

So, this Republican led state has something negative for the little children. Jesus Christ, on the contrary, had something positive for the little children. But as we all know there is a separation isolation of church from state.

The Republican led state of Utah did not leave adults out. Utah gave adults polygamy(for the longest time) and now Utah is giving its adults a NSA data center(just recently). Sex and jobs are two pretty important requirements of adult life.

From the NSA Utah property, the Republican led state of Utah will likely continue the attacks on America’s Constitution – in particular the Fourth Amendment. The men in black, appointed by Ex-President George W. Bush, may just have the Bush concept of the Constitution in mind. On the Internet you can still see this post: Bush on the Constitution: ‘It’s just a goddamned piece of paper’

Even the New York Times printed several negative comments about America’s Constitution – listen:

We the People Loses Appeal With People Around the World

That same Constitution worked fine from its creation up until 1980. 1980 brought on a political party that reminded one of the “slap in the face” comedy skit of the Three Stooges. And the neocons/Tea Party were no more productive in politics than the Three Stooges would likely have been.

Themen in black looked at the definition of privacy as defined by America’s Fourth Amendment and decided that did not apply to today’s communications. Apparently they did not reason that it was their job to fix that problem. That’s what the United States Supreme Court used to do prior to Fox News and its Republican led states..

Republican Led States – Your Job Or Your Democracy?


Trading your democracy for your job does not seem like a fair trade. But it’s what the Republican Led States era has put in front of America – literally. A McDonald’s restaurant in Ohio and Mitt Romney were outfront in expressing this anti-Democratic Idea.

It is no secret that jobs are controlled by business. Prior to 1980 there didn’t seem to be a problem. You could set your citizenship clock to that of businesses’ citizenship clocks and you knew you were acting well within the parameters of democracy. One business even became known as Ma Bell. Business was “in the family”. Talk was – if you started your career with Ma Bell, you could end your career – retirement years later – with Ma Bell.

But that era is gone. We are now in the neocon era or the Republican Led States era.

The Republican Led States era has produced a blood relationship between big business and the Republican Led State politicians. The blood of 6,000 American soldiers and perhaps as many as 100,000 Iraqi civilians was spilled in providing the world’s second largest oil resource to BIG OIL.

Less violent but still of importance was the admission of a business leader in the coffee business who made a comment on business leaders and political donations.

Starbucks CEO says 100+Businesses to Withhold Campaign Donations Over Debt

Ratchel Rose Hartman published the above news story for YAHOO news August 25, 2011. But America’s debt data showed an approaching calamity in 1985. Why did the business man wait so long before speaking out? We know. Politics.

In this Republican Led States era, job cutting is now ok. That is one way to keep businesses’ bottom line under control. Profits can be rising while sales are falling. But this strategy could only be used short term. Getting rid of workers would eventually mean that managers might have to do the work of the departed. And that could lilely hasten the demise of the enterprise. Listen to this:

Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts

Business in America should partner with America to uplift the benefits of all. However that is a tough row to hoe when greedy bastards are in the mix. And greedy bastards are all over the world.

That is part of the problem of global unrest. It is the same problem that Karl Marx, long ago, discovered in England. No different for Syria or Egypt. No one has yet come up with a workable solution for how to divide the resources. And the solution put forth by theRepublican Led States takes us back to survival of the fittest or richest.

The problem, though long running, has a simple solution. Democracy. That is not what the Republican Led States are pushing. And it is rare to hear a neocon speak of democracy. Health care is democracy not socialism.

Republican Led States And America’s Economy Crash


The Republican led states’ design on America’s economy was not much different from the Confederate led States’ design on America. While the Confederate led States actually used war in the execution of its design on America, the Republican led states have only alluded to war via their Tea Party name.

Both Reagan and Bush(George W.) made crashing America’s economy a goal – not in words – but in deeds:


The above graph shows how the Reagan-Bush duo spent like hell. President Bill Clinton stopped the stupid spending and put money in America’s treasury. The neocons impeached him, got ahold of spending reins again and re-started their Great Recession efforts. President Bill Clinton was impeached for failing to tell the truth about a PERSONAL MATTER while the Republican led states decided against impeaching George W. Bush for:

1. failing to tell the truth about a war he started ten years ago

2. wasting 3 trillion dollars on that war

3. wasting 6,000 American soldiers’s lives in that war

4. wasting 100,000 Iraqi lives in that war

5. Giving the “spoils of war” to BIG OIL.The elder Bush left the “spoils of war” to Iraq and that war had the direct participation of the United nations.And the cause of that war was not a secret.

Why not ask Fox News how the Republican led States feel about the neocon’s management of America’s economy?

The “Republican Led States” of America Is The Way Fox News Puts It


Fox News delineates some American States from other American States by denoting Republican led states.. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of the Civil War that is pressing on Fox News.

And Fox News might be just the news source to put a certain unanswered question to theRepublican Led States. Although a serious question, it has been hiden away in Pandora’s Box for for some ten years. How the neocons responded to the 2001Twin Tower attack is strange.

One example of the strange behavior could be found in the comedy act of the Three Stooges. Stooge number one struck Stooge number two. In response to that strike from stooge number one, stooge number two struck stooge number three. It was hilarious.

Saudi Arabian nationals, on 9/11/2001, “struck Bush(George W.)” via New York’s Twin Towers. Bush(George W.), in retaliation for the strike form Saudi Nationals struck Iraq. Why did Bush pick Iraq to strike? It wasn’t a scene from the Three Stooges. Perhaps Fox News’ Republican led statess could help provide an answer to why Iraq was selected to pay for the attack by Saudi Arabia nationals.

A Question For Fox News


Long, long ago, joejolly’s first political question went to an entity at Fox News. It was a question for Fox News. The question related to the Tom DeLay affair..

Joejolly, at that time, blogged the incident. The incident happened when “the Republican led states(a Fox News Concept)) was trying to provide an escape route for Congressman Tom DeLay. Congressman DeLay(a Republican) was accused of money laundering. You know about money laundering.It’s how big business gets the political edge over the one man one vote rule. The neocon House of Representatives, while willing to railroad a Democratic President, was unwilling to investigate a money laundering violation.

An escape route was needed for Mr. DeLay because the good Congressman had already maxed out the number of “warning(2)” reprimands he could safely receive. A third time would have forced the neocon Congress to act. “You shouda see’d” the musical chairs act the Hastings’ leadership went through to keep their man from being investigated. If 285? of them can impeach a Democratic President, surely less than that could “provide safe passage out of Congress for one of their own”. Safe passage out of Congress was executed but over the heads of neocons, there was still “trouble in the air“.

Let’s think “football” for a moment. Congressman Tom DeLay had broken all tackles at the House of Representatives(plantation politics?) level and he was now streaking toward the goal posts. Only one lone opponent stood guarding the goal post of good government. Mr. Tom DeLay headed toward that person. Who was that person?

Glad you asked.

That lone person, defending truth, justice and the American way was:

Texas district attorney, Ronnie Earle

And here is how joejolly, in that earlier post, described the encounter:

One man, Ronnie Earle, was left to do what 435 failed to do! And that one man did it. He put America first. He was not willing to trade America’s values and laws for “political reasons”. Ronnie Earle charged Mr. DeLay with a crime. Ronnie Earle was not a neocon. He was a Democrat.

Joejolly, in an earlier post described what happened after sending his email to Fox News. Joejolly had no way of knowing who or what was responsible for the increase in his emails.

Joejolly’s email count, generally less than 4 or 5 per month increased to that many in a day. Joejolly’s ISP intercepted and killed one of them before it made it to joejolly. But the “penis elongator” emails got through.

While the Internet is being flooded with joejolly deviants it is still possible to see through the imposters. You can access the post just referenced by joejolly – here.

Lets Revisit A Past Joejolly Post


The post title is: Civil War, Sequester And Petition To Secede.

Here is what joejolly said in that earlier post:

How similar are the lists of states involved in the categories of civil war, sequester and petition to secede? The below lists contains names of states that have played a role in Civil War, sequester, and petition to secede. Some states, like Texas, have an entry in all three of the list categories.

As Fox News regurgitates divisions of the past, it can demostrate that the “glue” that holds America together is not a molecular bonding cement.

The neocons would bond with the devil to get their greedy hands on all of America’s resources. And if they could do that while shaking loose many of America’s citizens they could live “happily ever-after. They might even be able to make Cuba a “playground” again. Cuba is closer than South America.

Visit joejolly’s,the real one- not the fake ones, easrlier post and see the contents of those three lists.

Fox News, Calls Them ” Republican Led States”


In typical tabloid fashion, Fox News is raising its tabloid voice. It is firing on Fort Sumter. The timing of the firing is perfect to take the world’s focus off the Bush(George W.) attack on world wide privacy. The neocons didn’t buy up all the news sources they could, for nothing.

What would happen if the neocons accomplished their civil war? It would turn into a third world war. Over the past twenty-some-odd years, the neocon war-mongers have screwed over so many countries that there is a pool of countries that would love to send Fat Man and Little Boy back home to America.

The neocons do sit in the republican chair – but they are more like the Confederate States the Republicans fought – than like Republicans

Don’t rush a split Fox News. America is lead by a President of the United States of America..


Impostors And Writing Tool Attackers Abound On The Internet


Joejolly recently scanned the Internet and found that, in addition to funny happenings to his writing tools, there are many, many joejolly look alikes hawking certain artifacts that joejolly displayed. on his blog. However, joejolly saw no negative comments about neocons.

One joejolly commenter said – the site is only worth about twenty dollars.That should offset the fact that data showing the neocons wrecked America should be overlooked.

Joejolly gave up on his previous blog writing tool. It no longer connects to my blog. Joejolly selected another software writing tool for his posts. A day ago it failed. Immediately after the failure, joejolly ran security software. That software stayed focused on “temporary files” for much longer than usual. But after the run – EUREKA – I had my writing tool back.Very, very strange.

One must remember the nature of human beings. Linking almost anything to human beings brings with it the good, the bad and the ugly.

Ted Cruz Gives A Dumb Answer To A Serious Matter


The occasion was Florida’s version of a Statesman of the Year Award. You know Florida:

1. Florida is the state that saw the violent death of a 17-year-old black youth named Trayvon Martin. The 29 year old killer of the unarmed black youth walked free.

2. Florida is the state that Jim Greer, Ex-Florida GOP Chair, claims Republican Voting Laws Focused On Suppression, Racism

If you look closely, you might detect a color theme.

Now – back to Congressman Cruz. What did the good Congressman from Florida say? Lets hear the question from the audience first. The question referenced President Barack Obama. Listen:

Question from the audience:

“What does it take to impeach him?” yelled a Republican in the crowd. The people around him erupted with applause. Cruz smiled as the din faded.

And the good Congressman from the State of Florida replied:

“It takes 218 votes in the House of Representatives,” he said

When you compare President Obama’s Administration with Ex-President Bush’s administration, it like comparing Jesus Christ to Satan. There is no comparison.Why not ask the good Congressman from Florida why his party attacked Iraq. He won’t mention it because the attack was of the same quality of Adolf Hitler’s attack on Poland. Ok, what did the United nations say about the attack on Iraq? Listen:

Iraq war illegal, says Annan .

Not only did the political party of the good Congressman from Florida attack Iraq, it also attacked America. That attack, on the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, is currently a work in progress. And the antics of this Florida Republican is simply a ruse to throw the focus away from the neocons/Tea Party/Right Wing Republicans. It’s how they have been able to survive, politically, for twenty-some-odd years. Much of the press has played a positive role in helping with the ruse.

Tabloid Behavior From Montana?


The mouth outputs “words” that have been processed by the brain. Foul mouths, of high-ranking neocon politicians, are sure to attract tabloids along with broad sheet purveyors of “news”. It has been said that “filth” sells newspapers. Did these adults grow up with this “dirty language” problem?

Did some mamas failed to wash their kids mouths out with soap before unleashing them into the neocon world? Neocons are surely taking America straight to Hell. And tabloids are having a field day. Perhaps Maine will welcome Montana to a “governor’s club of profanity laced language “.

Two Different Views Of The Recovery Act


A post, at, is must reading for those who wish to get a true picture of the Recovery Act. The title of the post is, “The Recovery Act, five years later.” The author is Steve Benen. The author cites Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Listen:

[...]Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Monday that the $800 billion stimulus package that was signed into law five years ago today was nothing more than more government spending that hasn’t helped the economy.

“The ‘stimulus’ has turned out to be a classic case of big promises and big spending with little results,” he said. “Five years and hundreds of billions of dollars later, millions of families are still asking ‘where are the jobs?’”[...]

Then the author spoke. Listen:

The author spoke graphically twice. The second was titled: “Private Sector Job Growth – Before and After Stimulus”. The author, of course, did not restrict himself to graphs. Listen to this hidden truth that has evaded much of the press for a long time. Listen:

[...] On one of the funniest quotes I’ve seen in a while came from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who argued on the stimulus’ anniversary, “The real tragedy here is that none of this was necessary. Republicans have always been willing to work with the president on reforms.”

Putting aside the fact that congressional Republicans haven’t been willing to work with the President on much of anything,..[...]

The author, Steve Benen, has spoken the truth. The truth is something you don’t hear often enough in much of today’s press world.

Journalism, Politics And The Up Coming Election


The New York Times and Fox News have already started thinking about the up coming election. Two problems, awaiting  political solutions, have been put into focus. Both problems are the sea to shining sea type problem which means they impact some 300,000,000 Americans.

The two problems relate to labor(job loss due to health care) and clean water(as related to San Francisco’s water problem). Lets look at the categories.



The New York Times assigned the labor problem to the Republicans.

Clean Water:

Fox News assigned America’s water problem to the Republicans and here is some history. Listen:

[…]When Benjamin Grumbles was assistant administrator for water at the Environmental Protection Agency in the George W. Bush administration, he oversaw the release of a 2004 EPA report that determined that hydraulic fracturing was safe for drinking water. Then he watched as Congress used those findings to bolster the case for passing a law that prohibited the EPA from regulating fracking under the Safe Drinking Water Act.[…]

The two news sources correctly recognized that Republicans have made huge impacts on both labor and clean water. No other American political party has fired more Americans. And no other American political party has wrecked more of America’s fresh water systems than the Republican’s(post 1980) FRACKING.

Labor (PATCO firing) and clean water(FRACKING) provides significant performance history for the neocons. And since no country’s people would choose either of these you might wonder why the news sources did.

It pains the brain to feel that these two resources of journalism are actually searching for solutions to the stated problems. Could there be another factor at work here? Could the Internet play a role here?  

What do you make of this news article on ars technica’s website?

Listen to this “Internet Creation Theory” of Congressman Rand Paul:

[…] “It may not be completely simple but it’s definitely not as simple as that the government invented it,” he said. “When you say stuff like, ‘Oh, the government invented the Internet,’ it sort of demeans the process of the individuals who were involved.”[…]

Tea Party Republicans sketch out Internet policy

The neocons are notorious for their reverse Robin Hood actions of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. The press has been waiting for the neocons to give it the Internet. 

The Voting Power Of Lobbyists?


At the ballot box, we know America as “one man one vote”. And this is what drives the political structure – supposedly. If “one man one vote” drove the political structure that the neocons built, Americans would not be rapidly loosing the right of usage of the Internet that they paid “good money” for.

That’s right – the American taxpayer, who paid for the Internet, is rapidly loosing Internet rights. It is not just Iraq that felt the greed of America’s neocons /Tea Party/Right Wing Republicans. America too has felt the greed of the neocons/Tea Party/Right Wing Republicans. While it took the American Army – under the leadership of Commander-In-Chief George W. Bush to extract Iraq’s oil, lobbyists will do nicely for the extraction of the Internet from its rightful owners – America’s taxpayers.

Listen to this from the ars technica website:

ISP lobby has already won limits on public broadband in 20 states

Bills limiting municipal ISPs in Kansas and Utah continue noble condition

ISP lobby has already won limits on public broadband in 20 states

The Internet started out as a war tool during the Sputnik era. Tax payer dollars paid for the Internet. Google’s intellect helped develop the Internet into a very valuable tool. And now America’s businesses wants the Internet.

The public, who paid for the Internet, is being squeezed out of something it paid for. Doesn’t that sound like neocon politics?


Mozilla Finally Confesses To The Firefox Pop-Up Ads


The Tech Times website now reveals Mozilla’s Directory Tiles Program.

What seems like several years ago, joejolly was unaware that he was a guinea pig in a Mozilla project. Joejolly noticed an ad popped up in the lower-right corner of his Firefox browser. Joejolly noticed the ad but that was all. However the ad seemed to follow joejolly from site to site focused on a different product but clearly not one that joejolly was searching for. Joejolly did not know who hijacked his Firefox browser. The final solution to the pop-up problem was to delete the Firefox browser.

What again seemed like years later, joejolly tried to re-install Firefox and that produced the worst computer environment joejolly had witnessed – maybe ever. After three unsuccessful attempts at installation, joejolly gave up. Joejolly had no idea what or where files had been deposited on his computer during the abortive installation attempts. All three attempts just died with no indication what nor where files had been deposited. And my Chrome browser started loosing extensions and worse. It took several days to get close to the source of the problem. The names Firefox and ETILQS(SQLLITE spelled backwards) were linked to many problems that showed up on the Internet.

It now appears that the clandestine  guinea pig stage is over and Mozilla can now talk about the program in public. The name of the program is Directory Tiles. Its rollout will include ethical considerations by Mozilla.  Users will be told of the program and allowed to OPT-OUT. A visit to the techtimes website reveals the Directory Tiles program.

America’s Debt Has Been A Problem Since 1980


But some websites, perhaps in an attempt to mislead America, are giving the impression that  the debt problem is about five years old.

And that tact would place most of the  blame on the Obama Administration. That’s not news – that’s propaganda – political propaganda. That is a tact frequently used by the neocons/Tea Party.

There is a website, named BANKRUPTING AMERICA exercising its freedom of speech by focusing on America’s bankruptcy. From that site Joejolly got the impression that America’s debt problem is only five years old. That raised an eyebrow. That, of course, would be political propaganda. Joejolly’s focus changed from getting info on the economy to getting info on the website.  And something amusing popped up. Democratic was also trying to find financing info on that organization.

Joejolly searched the BankRuptingAmerica site for “Bush Tax Cuts”. He found nothing.  The search function on that site takes a long time to find nothing if you are looking for the truth concerning America’s Great Recession of 2007. If you want the truth about who crashed America’s economy, look again at this:



The above graph tells a story that would never be told on neocon/Tea Party propaganda sites.

Why Did The Bush Team(George W.) Start The Iraqi War?


If it sounds like you have heard this question before, you likely have. The answer to this question is still in the private possession of the ones who, ten years ago,  started the war.

Ask Google the why of that war and you see tons of responses on the Internet but not much from the New York Times. Today, different news sources see the importance of hugely important news topics differently. Politics frequently plays a heavy role in journalistic choice. So, many of the sources of information have declined to acknowledge a problem with putting American history, ethics and evil doings on the back-burner. But listen to Mother Jones website:

The Lie Factory

A Mother Jones Special Investigation: The inside story of how the Bush administration pushed disinformation and bogus intelligence and led the nation to war.

Would the New York Times and other broadsheet type news sources be concerned if broadsheets were behaving, perhaps, like tabloids?

Recognizing that politics does play a role in journalism, lets visit the news source — National Review. The National Review was the home of William Buckley Jr.. You may not have visited the National Review when William Buckley Jr. was alive. William Buckley Jr., it is said, helped get the neocons started in American top level politics. William Buckley Jr. was a conservative. And he had a sense of humor. He ran for mayor of New York City. He lost. When asked what he would have done had he won – he said, “ask for a recount”.

He spoke English but not the neocon “dialect”. He didn’t need expressions like:’’go f**k  yourself”, “kiss my butt” and  “you lie”.

Although he could have been classified as racist, he was quite unlike the neocons. He cared about America. He seemed truly disappointed about the Bush Iraq war. He said that Bush would be judged on the Iraq war, Now a Failure. And the National Review asked:

Why Did We Invade Iraq?

The subsequent acrimony derives from the general amnesia over why we invaded

Did you see the expression,”general amnesia” over why we invaded?

Does NSA Know Why Bush Attacked?

A Pre-Fracking Environmental Safety Survey, Declined In 2005, May Be In The Works


Listen to this from Slashdot:

Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

This may be the kind of environmental study the George W. Bush Administration envisioned with its Energy Policy Act of 2005. Listen to what the Bush law did:

In addition the law prevents the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating hydraulic fracturing to protect drinking water sources.

Will the New York Times point to this kind of neocon accomplishment as helping the neocons/Tea Party/Republicans in the upcoming election? OK – will the New York Times point to ANYTHING the neocons have done for/to America as a reason to re-elect them? Should propaganda be the only neocon “news” that will persuade democratic America to vote neocon?

There Seems To Be Intelligence, Of A Sort, Behind The Attacks On Google Chrome


The modus operandi of the Chrome attacks has changed. The attacks now kills Google Chrome – dead. Strange huh?

Is the attack a vendetta from a browser? Is the attack a sales pitch for a competing browser? Is it just fun and games from an American period that has just “gone to the dogs – or the neocons”?.

This morning’s start-up routine included a check for standard attackers. A check for  ETILQS was made. There was none. Chrome was opened and my eyes successfully pointed to the extensions. Chrome opened fine. Then joejolly opened his writing tool. And Chrome crashed. Got the loss of extensions message. Reclaimed my extensions using a standard procedure. Retried Chrome. It did not work. Checked with Scottie. Scottie had registered the arrival of ETILQS.

Checked  ETILQS ‘s folder and there I found the name of my writing tool which I had just opened. This behavior seems to have intelligence or purpose behind it. And this behavior killed Chrome Dead. Double clicking  on a Chrome icon blinked the icon and nothing more. Is this attack activity browser competition, browser revenge, writer’s attack or what?

[ It is still early AM and I now have Google Chrome Back. Downloading and installing Google Chrome did not work. I had to do a complete stand-alone uninstall and then do the install. The Un-install program said this,

Please close all chrome windows and try again. 

There was no Chrome window open. The files must have gotten messed up... somehow.]

[It is now afternoon and I am back with my extensions problems. The extension icons had no color.  I clicked on one and got the message it was dead. I uninstalled Chrome.

After the uninstall, I clicked on one of the Chrome icons and got the Windows message that it had no program to connect to the Internet. That was as expected. I retrieved one of my old DVDs(3/25/11) that had Chrome setup on it. I clicked on the Chrome Setup and it (1)connected to the Internet, (2)downloaded Chrome, (3)gave me all my extensions and (4)allowed me to configure them. I had no default browser established and yet I was able to get Chrome back. Didn’t know I could do that. 

The New York Times Makes This Report On The Health Care Law:


Health Care Law May Result in 2 Million Fewer Full-Time Workers

And the New York Times, perhaps, sees this as fodder for the “Republicans” grist mill.

Now sit-down please as this respectable news source relates the Republicans to Labor. It won’t be the relationship that you have come to know and hate. Reagan fired some 11,000 Control Tower Workers. In all likelihood he holds the world’s record for anti-labor behavior. Maybe South Africa is in the Neocon’s league when it comes to attacks on labor. Lets listen to the New York Times :

Washington — A new analysis from the Congressional Budget Office says that the Affordable Care Act will result in more than 2 million fewer full-time workers in the next several years, providing Republican opponents of the law a powerful political weapon leading up to this year’s midterm elections.

Since when have Republicans(post 1980) gave a damn about labor in America?

The post 1980 Republicans have the nastiest records around when it comes to labor. And they have been able to survive, as long as they have due to political propaganda from news sources. Listen to some real life relationships between post 1980 Republicans and labor:

Air Traffic Controllers Walk Reagan Fires PATCO Strikers 

Well, someone might say the neocon Republicans didn’t fire all of labor. The neocon Republicans just fired all of the striking control tower workers at PATCO. The neocons executed the firing relationship between themselves and labor.  While some Americans, perhaps in other walks of life,  were not fired they had their wages attacked. Listen:

BBC News: The end of the American Dream?

wages and productivity

Just look at what the neocons/Tea Party/Republicans did to the wages of American workers(college educated included). The neocons/Tea Party/Republicans seems to be notoriously lacking when it comes to seeing a relationship between something they do and its evil outcome. And the New York Times is trying to persuade readers that neocons can take advantage of their disdain for health care by pretending to care about labor???????? “Hush yo mouth” New York Times.

Perhaps the New York Times is just being a “pass through filter”.  This won’t be the first time. Imagine the neocons rolling the controls on America’s economy back to what they were in 1929(depression era – no controls) and telling America they were modernizing the economy. And the New York Times told America what the neocons told it. Here is a link to the 1999 New York Times’ description of the neocons Modernization Act. The neocons would have had one Hell of a time trying to crash America’s economy in December of 2007 had they not removed the Glass-Steagall Act. Rules that  had protected America’s economy for sixty-some-odd years were killed. How long did the economy last after Bush’s 2003 State of the Union Address? Lets do the math: 2007 – 2003 = 4 years. Want to know how America’s economy was faring in 2003? Visit the Indiana Business Review Website.  Want to know how America’s economy was faring four years later? Visit the NATIONAL BUREAU of ECONOMIC RESEARCH Business Cycle Dating Committee. The Business Cycle Dating Committee is  the organization charged with the task of identifying recessions. It said America went into recession in December of 2007. In April of 2008, however, President Bush said  U.S.  economy not in recession, in slowdown.

One of America’s finest news sources is getting ready to speak on behalf of an imaginary  love fest between the neocons and labor. Well…”hush yo mouth” .  Once again we see how the neocons have managed to stay in power for so long. Propaganda. A respectable news source – broadsheet not tabloid, is pretending there is a healthy, caring relationship between “Republicans” and labor. This, of course,  is a miscarriage of common sense. But it does happen – often timed to an upcoming election. Remember Joe the plumber during the McCain-Palin run for President and Vice President.

Where does the neocons/Tea Party/Republicans stand on these labor issues:

Walmart workers protest over minimum wage in 15 US cities – Business –

The GOP’s war on labor unions – The Washington Post

G.O.P. Platform Seeks to Weaken Powers of Unions –

If a news source wants to print stupid stuff, it can. But if it is broadsheet, perhaps it should declare itself tabloid before trying to stupefy America.  After twenty-some-odd years in leadership roles, the neocons can’t point to anything they have done for 300,000,000 Americans… socialism you know. But now the New York Times says the neocons care about labor –  when its this close to an election.

ETILQS Was Not Designed As Attack Software.


An Internet clue that  ETILQS is SQLite spelled backwards helped lead to the source of ETILQS. A visit to the SQLite website and a search on ETILQS produced this output:

Search results 1..1 of 1 for: etilqs


in the same directory as the original database The prefix on temporary filenames on Windows is changed from “sqlite” to “etilqs”. A complete list of SQLite releases in a single page is also available. A detailed history of every check

Joejolly has removed 14 old Firefox items from his computer. That included 1 folder and 13 files. It ain’t over til it’s over but hopefully it’s over. But if it ain’t over, joejolly will now queue on the actual lost of extensions rather than etilqs.

Can Social Networks Do What News Networks Don’t Seem To Want To Do?


The question is,  why did the George W. Bush Administration attack Iraq? News networks have had ten years in which to seek  answers  to that question.  But the why answer seems to be evasive. News networks used  Kipling’s Six Honest Serving Men to answer five of the six questions. Americans know the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW  of the Iraqi war but America is at a loss as to the WHY of the Iraqi war. Could a social network provide that answer for American text books?

Both the news network and the social network are “children” of a communications “parent”. Both networks, as siblings, share the communication capability of the communications parent.

Is the WHY of the Iraqi war better left unknown? If so, better for whom – the country of America  or the political party that started the war? Should the cause of the Iraq war be kept secret while, thanks to the NSA,  the secrets of virtually the whole country are  no longer secret?  The double standard should not be necessary when the topic is American history.

The “man on the street” is talking about Facebook and politics.  Listen to some of the comments:

No One Wants To Hear About Your Politics, Especially on FACEB00K! – Facebook


Still on Facebook, but Finding Less to Like –


Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post About Politics On Facebook – Dickson Interactive


Why Politics and Social Networks Shouldn’t Mix – ReadWrite

Should the cause of the Iraq war, after ten years, be a mystery to America and its textbooks? Why did the Bush(George W.) Administration retain its privacy while violating everyone else’s privacy?

Loosing Google Chrome Extensions Is Still A Problem


While loosing Chrome extensions is still a problem, getting  all of them back, at one time, is clickable. That makes the pain more bearable … so the search for ETILQS goes on. ETILQS is always present when joejolly’s extensions vanish, so naturally a program without a name, description or company and is hidden would attract attention:


Joejolly looked for ETILQS links to the Internet. He found none. Joejolly looked for ETILQS links to Window’s Task Manager. He found none. Joejolly opened the property view of one of the ETILQS folders. And there, he saw this:

This is likely a Python File  that was in an hp folder. There were two files in that folder. Those files have now been deleted.

[It is truly startling what some human beings can earn a living doing.]

Did You See USA TODAY’S Front Page(Hard Copy–1/31/2014–2/2/2014)?


Jon Swartz of USA TODAY wrote this on hard copy:

Google overwhelms and Facebook soars

Now listen closely to this:

San Francisco: The tech bubble Is alive and,  well, expanding. Google’s  world domination tour continued Thursday with cereal spoon-dropping results that high-light its growing status as one of the most influential companies on the planet.[…]

But the tone of business competition in America, has changed. Listen to some of Goggle’s competitors collected over time, by joejolly:

Google, driving the getaway car for online bandits?

Murdoch: Google is mortal and together we can kill it

Google turning us into forgetful morons, warn boffins

Phone Rival Gang Up, Outbid Google

Google Street View Violated Wiretap Laws, Judge Says

Consumer Watchdog Ask Senate Panel To Explore Breakup of Google

Google and the world’s population just sort of shared as they advanced. Google did not require the world to wait until Google’s leaders all became billionaires and then they would share. The world’s population and Google’s leaders  “sorta” grew up sharing together. Google gave new meaning to freeware. Google didn’t  have to. The name Google is likely to bring a smile not frown to the face of someone hearing the name.   And Pope Francis has said: The Internet is a ‘gift from God’.



Swartz Jon. “Why tech bubble’s growth is not hot air”; USA TODAY January 31, – February 2 , 2014: Front Page

This Morning, 2/1/2014, ETILQS Is Revived And Google Extensions Are Again Dead


The history of the attacks on Chrome is not very long (several days) but it is peculiar. ETILQS seems to be playing a role in the current browser attacks but ETILQS  lay dormant on my hard drive for several years. Their first arrival  was likely several years ago during the unsuccessful attempts at trying(3 times) to re-install Firefox after removing it because ads(the same size) appeared in the same location on the Firefox webpage while visiting different websites. And sure enough, after removing Firefox  — those “pint sized ads in the lower right corner of the browser also left”. Joejolly decided to give up on the installation of Firefox.

However joejolly discovered a Firefox clone and decided to give it a try. Installation was successful. It had a recognizable start and a recognizable end. And the program worked fine. But Google Chrome started having problems staying alive. Finally, double clicking on a Chrome icon produced mainly “blinking” icons on the desktop.

While wrestling with my Google Chrome problem, I tested my connection to my blog. I successfully connected to my blog. I said to myself, oh – Google Chrome is working, but that was not the case at all. It was my just installed  Firefox clone that made the connection. Who  authorized my Firefox clone to serve as my default browser? Not me. I removed the Firefox clone.

ETILQS had showed up on Scottie’s RECENT TAB. They were deleted.    ETILQS had showed up on Scottie’s HIDDEN TAB. They were deleted. Now look at the below information:

Attack On 2_1_14

The last two entries on the above list showed up this morning on Scottie the watchdog’s RECENT TAB. They are new.   Where(mode of transportation) did they come from? Hopefully, I’ll know that by tomorrow.

Can Ugly Political Acts Foster Ugly Political Discussions On Facebook?


There certainly is the possibility of ugly political acts fostering ugly political discussions on Facebook and elsewhere. As things stand today, the neocon press is less likely to speak of ugly political acts of the neocon/Tea Party. And today, the neocon/Tea Party is the source of some of the world’s worse ugly, political, social and economic acts America has seen in a very long time. However, A large contingent of America’s press might consider current business conditions as business as usual. They may  see no evil. Listen to ars technica:

The long-term effects of ugly political discussions on Facebook 

One of the comments referenced to Facebook mentioned changing a name to what it really means:

Are the neocons/Tea Party really Republican? Should there be evidence of that? The real Republicans have a “paper trail” that extends all the way back into the 1860s and there  isn’t a penis slicer or dope peddler on that trail.

William Buckley Jr., who, before his death,  helped get the neocons elected, seems to have lost faith in that group calling itself Republican. George W. Bush’s Iraq war found William Buckley Jr. saying Bush will be judged by the Iraq War, Now a ‘Failure’.

Certainly America should be concerned about long-term effects of ugly political discussions on Facebook along with equally or greater concern about the cause of those ugly discussions. Certainly much of the press ignored penis slicing, dope peddling along with an illegal war that gained America’s Big Oil the second largest oil reserves known to man. A political gift to BIG OIL was Iraq’s oil and a considered political gift to the press may be America’s  Internet.

Political discussions on ugly political acts ought to be a natural.   Get rid of the ugly political acts and discussions on those acts will die a natural death.

Civil War, Sequester And Petition To Secede


How similar are the lists of states involved in the categories of civil war, sequester and petition to secede? The below lists contains names of states that have played a role in Civil War, sequester, and petition to secede. Some states, like Texas, have an entry in all three of the list categories.

Civil War Sequester Petition To Secede
Texas Texas Texas
Alabama Alabama Alabama
Arkansas Arkansas
Colorado Colorado
Florida Florida
Indiana Indiana
Kentucky Kentucky
Louisiana Louisiana
Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi
Missouri Missouri
New Jersey
New York New York
North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina
North Dakota North Dakota
South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
Tennessee Tennessee
Georgia Georgia

The Civil War list, along with the sequester list,  is incomplete because they are keyed to the third list “petition to secede”. If there is no petition to secede – there is no entry in either list. There have been two major attacks on American soil. One of the attacks came by of  Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and others – aligned under the Confederate States. The five named states seems to have played a role in the Civil War, the sequester and the petition to secede from the United States of America. The other attack on American soil, more recent in history, came by way of terrorists. The first attackers fired on Fort Sumter. The second attackers, later in history, fired on New York’s Twin Towers. Both attacks intended to kill Americans. What does Civil War participant + sequester participant + petition to secede participant = ? How will nuclear weapons be managed? Listen:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

Abraham Lincoln