Is Penis Slicing Legal Surgery?


Is the human being, engaged in the slicing of another human being’s penis practicing surgery?

At “street level” one human being wielding a knife to body parts of another human being is not considered practicing surgery. And the knife wielder will likely see a day in court. But what about a “knife” wielder who works for a government agency that is not connected to a hospital? Is that knife wielder lawfully wielding that knife to a victim’s penis or is the knife wielder “working under color of law“?

Is penis slicing, as practiced against SUSPECTED terrorists, legal surgery?

Not much is known about the conditions under which penis slicing was practiced. A high ranking American neocon “squealed like a stuck pig” when an attempt was made to investigate the CIA’s handling of the anti-terrorist program which, as we now know includes the handling of the penises of SUSPECTED terrorist.

So, at this point in time, the neocons’ “PANDORA’S BOX” continues to gain content. And that “continues to gain content”  idea plays against the idea of the legacy of the latter-day neocons ever “seeing the light of day”.

While we don’t know the legality of penis slicing that was done on the latter-day neocons watch, we can guess that what the latter-day neocons over-saw was illegal and uncivilized. It was conduct unbecoming to a human being.

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