When Did Fracking Get Started?


America’s top business organizations have been providing America with political leadership for quite some time. Generally, after a business leader becomes a government official the business gives the impression of disconnecting from that government official.

Joejolly’s jaw dropped after seeing his Internet ports hacked by IP address

That happened on 7/29/2006 at 10.08.11 PM. Even that would have been ignored had it been a “fly by night” incident. But that IP address along with numerous IP addresses of the United States Government’s DoD Network Information Center persisted at the Internet ports of an ex-GI who had held a cryptographic security clearance when America was America ie. before 1980. After 1980 came the neocons.

Joejolly knew where President George W. Bush’s Vice President came from but joejolly never thought he would see a HALLIBURTON company IP address looking to peruse the contents of his hard drive. Joejolly has commented on that political “era” in other posts.

It is said that the Halliburton Company invented fracking. Whether there was a disconnect between that business and their man in high ranking Washington, D.C. politics may be an unanswerable question. Fracking came in for special consideration by the Bush Administration. Political acts, in favor of fracking and potentially dangerous for America’s health were put into law.

America’s fracking got started, in earnest, after the Bush Administration, in 2005, ┬ámade fracking exempt from the “clean” laws that protected America’s drinking water and air. It was a “crap shoot” from the start. ┬áNo one knew what fracking might do to America or to America’s people. And worse yet – those who had the final word did not seem to care about “personal” tragedies.

America’s ombudsmen(voters) voted for a business supreme administration. And that’s what they got. BIG OIL, BIG GAS and Big Banks did well under the neocons.

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