Can A Political Debate Cleansed The Tragic Performance Of A Political Party?


All manner of American institutions have been wrecked by the political party of one of  tonight’s debaters. Still much of America’s press is cheerleading a debate based on “what I intend to do” rather than “what I have done”.

What Mitt Romney and his party have done is strip America’s treasury. And the way that was done cannot be called an accident. The press, in its greed driven(hoping for the Internet) response to neocons, is a significant part of America’s problem. The other significant part of America’s problem seems to relate to the setting of America’s persuasion(logos,ethos,pathos) switch.

America’s ombudsmen(voters), by allowing the press to hype(sensationalize) much ado about nothing, is part of the problem. Although there is much press hype, this debate will not focus on content like the Lincoln-Douglas debates focused on?

Listen to this: The main issue discussed in all seven debates was slavery.

Slavery was an issue of the times. The current times, as influenced by the neocons,  have created hundreds of issues and Mitt Romney and no other neocons dare select either as a debate topic. You can’t make a neocon talk about their political performance.

Why not debate an issue related to the “raping of America’s treasury”. And we’ll forgo the neocon “latest definition” of the word rape.

After America’s treasury was raped the neocons decided to pay for that mess by cutting employees salaries – and – for the ones who lost their jobs – cutting their un-employment compensation.

But looking again at the debaters, the press would likely go “sensational” if the debater, on the losing end, looked at the socks of the winning end debater. What-if one sock was dark blue and the other black? Yelling “he’s wearing miss-matched socks” might produce front page BIG HEADLINES in the morning’s news.

America is burdened with a ton of political distractions for a reason. The neocons want to keep their political performance out of the news. You can’t make a neocon talk about the political performance of his party. A political debate cannot cleanse the tragic performance of a political party. When the press persuades you on such a moldy idea, perhaps you should check your “persuasion” switch setting. Perhaps It’s  set to pathos.

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