Mitt Romney Now Asks The Help Of Business To Get Votes


A news story in the guardian says:

Mitt Romney tells business leaders: put pressure on employees – US politics live

The man’s campaign is an abomination. It is un-American but it may not be illegal to ask companies to put pressure on their employees’ pay-checks in order to gain votes for Mitt Romney. Perhaps it’s time that customers made their feelings known.

There is no compelling reason for a customer to be “hooked on cheeseburgers”. Those customer’s and their children’s weight and health might improve by expressing their political preference via healthier foods.

There is no compelling reason for a customer to  be “hooked on an investment service”. In America, there is a wide range of choices for both food and investments. And when businesses’ power gets too big for their “britches” activist customers can correct the problem quickly. You see…without customers there is no business. Boycotts have been used before in the American business world. Employee paychecks aren’t  the only incomes that can see pressure.

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