Mitt Romney Is Calling In IOU’s From Big Business


If a political party is steeped in unethical and illegal behavior it can and does steal from the public. Robbing the poor and giving to the rich could be a description of neocon performance.

Romney’s party has been generous to BIG BUSINESS. And now Mitt Romney is asking big business – with its deep pockets and US Supreme Court greasing the skids between those deep pockets and neocon coffers -  to pay the neocons for a job well done. Yes, Mitt Romney wants the neocons to be paid for using America’s resources on behalf of big business. One might need to be in Hell to see such political behavior.

The neocons started a war with Iraq. No one knows why. James Bovard, at  Freedom Daily penned this post in 2003 – the year of the Iraqi war: Bush’s WMD Flimflams. And listen to this from James Bovard:

In that same speech, Bush declared that

[…]the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised…. Under [UN] Resolutions 678 and 687 — both still in effect — the United States and our allies are authorized to use force in ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction.[…]

Now doesn’t that sound remarkably like what the Yale website said? Listen:

[…]In authorizing an invasion in 2002, Congress did not give President Bush a blank check. It explicitly limited the use of force to two purposes: to “defend the national security of the US from the threat posed by Iraq” and “enforce all relevant UN Security Council resolutions.”[…]

The neocons did not stop at what they were authorized, by Congress, to do. You see – Congress wasn’t the Commander-In-Chief, President George W. Bush was.

By taking $3tn dollars out of America’s treasury and 6,000 American soldiers off planet earth, the neocons were able to deliver the world’s second largest oil reserves to BIG OIL. That was not authorized by Congress. But the press never said a mumbling word – not a word – not a word.

Mitt Romney is now “calling in his IOUs”. He wants payment for an act that was never authorized by Congress. He wants a return on the neocons’ investment in Iraq. He wants BIG OIL to “make” its employees vote for Mitt Romney.

Did Mitt Romney’s political party just happen to stumble upon Iraq’s oil while searching for weapons of mass destruction? Quite likely not. At that time America’s top government leadership, positions(1 & 2), were filled by oil men. Also at that time  America was the home of the oil company that had been drilling in Iraq before Saddam Hussein nationalized his country’s oil. Listen to this from

[…]“Prior to the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq US and other western oil companies were all but completely shut out of Iraq’s oil market,” industry analyst Antonia Juhasz told Al Jazeera wire service. “But thanks to the invasion and occupation, the companies are now back inside Iraq and producing oil there for the first time since being forced out of the country in 1973.”[…]

The Iraqi war vision of America’s Congress and the Iraqi war vision of the Bush team(George W.) neocons did not match. The neocons, as usual, delivered other peoples resources to their political base.  And that political base ought to remember how the neocons want to make sure BIG OIL was firmly in charge of the oil fields that the neocons delivered, outside of their authorization, to BIG OIL. Listen to this from an earlier joejolly post:

And the neocons wanted to “tie-up” all the little details of the acquisition of Iraq’s oil before they left office.’s website said it this way:

[…]The Bush/Cheney administration is prioritizing the passage of an Iraq oil law before it leaves office. This (renewed push began with Dick Cheney’s visit to Iraq in March 2008 and the next six months will be key to the future of Iraq’s oil. In the meantime the Iraqi government plans to sign service contracts for development of the largest oil fields. The first six were due to be signed on June 30 with Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Total and four smaller companies…[…]

The neocons are now asking BIG BUSINESS to make their employees vote for Mitt Romney. Remember when responsible organizations, just before an election, asked Americans to be good citizens and vote. They left “who to vote for” up to the conscience of the voter.

Prior to the neocons, America was expected to vote its conscious. My how the neocons have changed things.  

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