Is A ‘Doomsday Scenario’ In The Making?


There used to be a saying in America: “better dead than red”. Preferring death over the domination of another “life style” is not heard so much today. But what-if nations with super nuclear power status decided to make a doomsday device. The idea is not new. Listen to this:

[…] An insane general starts a process to nuclear holocaust that a war room of politicians and generals frantically try to stop.[…]

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) was a movie of that year, 1964. And since 1964 preceded 1980 it was a comedy of major proportions at that time. It was hilarious – back then. It might not be so hilarious today. 1980 has arrived. Today it might be perceived as “food for thought”.

Are there enough nuclear devices, spread across nations, to nuclear holocaust the world? It only took two old fashioned nuclear devices to change a nation’s mind about war. Fat man and little boy changed a nation’s mind about war.

If two nations engaged in nuclear war – how would those warring nations assure neutral nations of non-polluted air, land and water? And if they did assure, would Geiger counters confirm those assurances? What-if Geiger counters said otherwise? Would the nations – not at war – join the war? What if all the Geiger counters “down-wind” from the warring nations started clicking like “Hell”. How would leaders of the affected nations behave? Would those nations send their own nuclear devices up-wind in a attempt to stop the down-wind radioactivity? Hmmm.

A chain reaction of nuclear warring nations may be one way to cause a nuclear holocaust but there could be a more central source – a single nation. Would a nuclear holocaust be doable  with 200 nuclear devices? Several countries might own  200 or more nuclear weapons.

List of states with nuclear weapons – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There might not be a need – in today’s nuclear environment, for multiple nations to cause a nuclear holocaust. There might not even be a need for a single man to get approval from a country’s leadership to start a nuclear holocaust. A high ranking neocon, Ex-Vice President(Cheney), is reported to have said this:

US Prez has authority to launch nuke strike without anyone’s permission: Cheney

That was Vice President Dick Cheney talking about President George W. Bush who did indeed prove, in Iraq, that he could grab Iraq’s oil without getting anyone’s permission.

Individual nations may now have the mentality and the  nuclear power to holocaust the world –  “without getting anyone’s permission”. The world might be closer than it thinks to a nuclear holocaust.

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