Two New ‘Additives’ For Iraq’s Oil


After the neocons, without being authorized by America’s Congress, grabbed Iraq’s oil, Big Oil received the second largest oil resources known to man. It was a gift from the neocons to Big Oil. But it was paid for with blood, sweat, money and tears of Americans and others.

The neocons, after having captured Iraq’s oil in a war that has been called illegal are now looking to capitalize on the Iraqi oil gift to Big Oil. The neocons, in their quest to get and stay in power, have placed new additives to Iraq’s oil.

Campaign funds and political votes are new additives produced by the neocons. For the neocons – Iraq oil is black gold, campaign funds and political votes.

The black gold additive preceded the neocons. It indicates that oil is highly valuable

The campaign funds additive was enabled by America’s Supreme Court. Iraqi oil is rich in neocon campaign funds. And to get those riches into the pockets of neocons – America’s Supreme Court “greased the skids” between the deep pockets of Big Business and the coffers of neocon politicians.

Money and votes are major requirements of political life. The neocons, by being so helpful to Big Business, got the money. But the head-count, required to win elections, is somewhat of  a different problem. You see … it’s the socialism thing. The neocons have to avoid socialism. And that means the neocons’ anti-socialism lists contains billionaires and the wealthy. Neither of those lists have the headcount to win elections in America.

A previous election saw a “pitch” made to “Joe the plumber”. This upcoming election has seen a “pitch” made to the NAACP. Neither of those “lists”  can be trusted to swell the headcount for neocon voting.

The neocons have a skin pigmentation “list”. Mitt Romney might say that he can get his 47% from that  list.

But there is another list of voters that Mitt Romney would love to have. This category gets close to being called “your vote or your job”. It’s a fascism idea – getting business to not only owning and screwing up the economy but giving business the chance to do the same for government.

Mitt Romney is now asking the recipients of the Iraqi oil gift to make its employees vote for Mitt Romney. That would be unbelievable if it were not coming from the lips of a neocon.

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