The Wisdom of Dionne Is Right ‘On The Money’


Dionne: The inconvenient truths of the 2012 campaign

E.J. Dionne Jr. says the GOP needs to accept that its strategy of obstruction failed while Democrats must learn how to run a coalition.

E.J. Dionne Jr. ,Speaking at ,has come very, very close to specifying America’s current political problems.  Listen:

DENVER – Human nature and politics being what they are, Republicans will underestimate the trouble they’re in, and Democrats will be eager to overestimate the strength of their post-2012 position.

Begin with the GOP: As Republicans dig out from a defeat that their poll-deniers said was impossible, they need to acknowledge many large failures.

Their attempts to demonize President Obama and undercut him by obstructing his agenda didn’t work. Their assumption that the conservative side would vote in larger numbers than Democrats was wrong. The tea party was less the wave of the future than a remnant of the past. Blocking immigration reform and standing by silently while nativist voices offered nasty thoughts about newcomers were bad ideas. Latino voters heard it all and drew the sensible conclusion.[…]

The Republicans that Mr. Dionne is talking about today are not the Republicans that preceded President Ronald Reagan. They are the After 1980 Republicans. There is a difference – a major difference.

They call themselves conservatives but there were conservatives in the Republican party prior to 1980. The pre-1980 conservatives and the post 1980 conservatives don’t seem to share much in common. There is a huge contrast between the pre and post 1980 Republicans. The contrast is so great as to make one wonder how they fit into the definition of America.

America is a democracy. But what the neocons are pushing comes no where close to a democracy – at least not the American type. Sea to shining sea America – decompose into races, classes and other criteria if you like, has been ignored for twenty-some-odd years. Much of the press, traditionally a “watch dog” for America’s ombudsmen(voters), abandoned that duty for what looked like “personal” reasons – gaining the Internet.

It may not be possible, within the scope of a democracy, to work smoothly with a political party that seems to want to turn America into a fascist country. It may not be possible to work smoothly with a political party that spends like crazy on wars while cutting America’s income with TAX CUTS. It may not be possible to work smoothly with a political party that REFUSED to allow BUSH(George W.) tax cuts to grandfather out – even as America was in deep recession. It may not be possible to work smoothly with a political party that has never displayed the will to diagnose an economical problem that included banks.

During the 2012 election America ROARED. America does not often ROAR but when she does – She Roars. America ROARED in 2006 when she sent the neocon House of Representatives packing. America ROARED again when BIG BUSINESS thought it had the Internet “wrapped up”. And America just ROARED in 2012 after the neocons wrecked the financial backbone of the country.  Perhaps She will ROAR again in 2014 after witnessing neocon behavior between now and then.

E.J. Dionne Jr. called a spade a spade. It is refreshing to hear authors who recognize and are supportive of  problem resolution.  

 [ And it is nice to see America’s ombudsmen(voters) still on the job. That’s how America got to be 223 years old]

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