You Can’t Own What You Can’t Protect


Palestinians could not own Palestine because they could not protect Palestine. Ownership passed from the United Nations who then gave it to the Zionist Jews by fleeing rather than staying to manage what it created.

Palestine was owned by the country that the sun didn’t dare set on. That “mandatory Power” was everywhere.  But it(the mandatory Power) finally gave up on such a small per-cent of humanity controlling such a large share of the world. Its  shares were “divested”. And the United Nations played a central role.

The divestiture came at a time which made it possible for Europe to transfer Adolf Hitler’s humanity problem to the Middle East. The United Nations was the transferal instrument of choice.

The transfer plan as proposed might have passed muster in Heaven but as executed would likely only pass muster in Hell. The plan was called UN General Assembly Resolution 181. Yale University’s Avalon Project provided these details:

[…]The Provisional Council of Government of each State, acting under the Commission, shall progressively receive from the Commission full responsibility for the administration of that State in the period between the termination of the Mandate and the establishment of the State’s independence.

The Commission shall instruct the Provisional Councils of Government of both the Arab and Jewish States, after their formation, to proceed to the establishment of administrative organs of government, central and local.

The Provisional Council of Government of each State shall, within the shortest time possible, recruit an armed militia from the residents of that State, sufficient in number to maintain internal order and to prevent frontier clashes.

This armed militia in each State shall, for operational purposes, be under the command of Jewish or Arab officers resident in that State, but general political and military control, including the choice of the militia’s High Command, shall be exercised by the Commission.[…]

The above was supposed to be the United Nations point of view. And the United Nations, since it instigated the whole thing should have been duty bound to see the plan through or perhaps call it off. But Zionist Jews started shooting at the United Nations and the UN fled!! That left the defenseless Palestinians to fend for themselves against a heavily armed Jewish terrorist group.

And the Jewish terrorists plan for Palestine varied from the United Nations vision. Listen to this:

“the country [Palestine] should be Jewish in the same way that France is French and Britain is British.” (One Palestine Complete, p. 117)

It wasn’t that Adolf Hitler had a bad idea – right? His idea was just mis-directed – right?

Now if the United Nations can keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons, its land too might come under Jewish control. And don’t forget there is a distinction between Jews and Gentiles. It might be interesting for Gentiles to read the document at the above link. The idea of “poetic justice” might just rear its head.

Living by the sword means the sword becomes the arbiter of justice. But with nuclear weapons – going back to the middle ages won’t last long. When you can’t own what you can’t protect the hands of the “Doomsday Clock” are in “constant” motion. The United Nations was supposed to be a credit to mankind but it’s a long ways from a credit to mankind. Its focus is too narrow.

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