The Life Story Of The United Nations – Avoiding Stepping On The Toes Of Russia Or China While Doing The Bidding Of The West


That is not how the West Was Won  but it is how Israel was won. Perhaps the West agreed with Adolf Hitler’s Europe on the European problem but did not agree with Adolf Hitler on the solution. Europe seemed to believe that the problem would be better served if it were expressed in the Middle East rather than Europe. So the United Nations was born and transferred the problem from Europe to the Middle East.

Is the Middle East the home of ancient Israel? There is much Biblical talk about a country of Israel. But archaeologists have not found “hide nor hair” of a real physical Israel on planet earth at least not until after Palestine died. Was Palestine “sitting” on Israel? It is a well-known fact that Israel’s birth and Palestine’s death are related.

Perhaps Palestine, like a neocon called its people, was invented. Perhaps “invented people” inhabited a long buried Israel and the United Nations returned that long buried Israel to its rightful owner? It’s rightful owner then kicked and killed the Palestinians until “Israel is as Israeli as England is English? The ruse of the United Nations’ plan for the Palestinians was short lived. Even God might have been fooled because of the bright halo worn by the United Nations.

The United Nations is a long standing icon. But that icon and its meaning are tarnished. At this moment the United Nations’ Middle East creation is using a standing army and a flying air-force to pummel a weak group that has neither a standing army nor flying air-force. That weak group lost its home, Palestine, mainly to the Christians and the Jews. In that process, the Palestinians  were given the name terrorists. And they have been forbidden to create another “Palestine”. Ain’t Christians and Jews great!

Of what use is the United Nations? When the League of Nations’ output  became obsolete it was abandoned. Has the time come for the United Nations’ output  to follow suit? The United Nations has avoided stepping on the toes of Russia or China while doing the bidding of the West. So, the United Nations may have done what it was supposed to do?

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