Adolf Hitler’s Presence Is Still Felt


Adolf Hitler is linked to the word holocaust. Joejolly looked up the definition of holocaust. From WordNet he found these definitions:

The noun holocaust has 2 senses (first 1 from tagged texts)
1. (2) holocaust — (an act of great destruction and loss of life)
2. Holocaust, final solution — (the Nazi program of exterminating Jews under Hitler)

While Adolf Hitler is no longer with us, Nazism still  is. Definition number 1 defines holocaust as an act of great destruction and loss of life. What is going on with HAMAS right now fits that definition. The Jews, who participated in definition number 2 are also participating in definition number 1. The Jews have the word holocaust “wrapped up” no matter which definition you view.

Some will say – “but Hamas had it coming – lobbing rockets on the country that was just born in 1946”.

Perhaps, Hamas was actually lobbing rockets on Palestine. Hamas still sees Israel as the theft of Palestine. However China did give Hamas some useful advice. Basically China said give it up. And there certainly was wisdom in that saying. But China would likely NOT take its own advice if the United Nations decided to take Tibet.

While the United Nations may be bold and brash, it is not stupid.  And it is designed so that the United Nations cannot move against certain of its own  UN countries without those country’s express consent.

An act of great destruction and loss of life has been executed against a virtually defenseless people. They have no standing army, no flying  air-force and no floating navy. The “war” was a “turkey shoot”.  Adolf Hitler, if he were with us, might have been proud of the teaching he gave to the Jews.  And the sponsors of the Jewish presence in the Middle East might proudly say – “we made it all happen”. Tomorrow’s problems are being made – with gusto – today. It ain’t over til it’s over. The world has enough experience to know that.

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