The Popular Vote Does Not Elect An American President–The Electoral College Does


Word on the sidewalks was the Electoral College guarded against a fiery, brain-dead, politician getting through the natural common sense barrier of America’s ombudsmen(voters).  But in practice, the Electoral College, most of the time, follows the popular vote. In practice that seems to be the case.

But in 2004, the Presidential election to end all Presidential elections, happened in America. The Electoral College went against the votes of the majority.  The Electoral College exercised its legal authority to select President Bush for a second term. Although Mr. Bush did not win the popular vote, he won the Presidency via electoral votes.

When is the best time to question the “soundness” of the Electoral College? Did 2004’s election present that chance? President Bush did not win the popular vote but became President anyway. Would that have been a good time to discuss the Electoral College’s place in America’s politics? There was no discussion to speak of. There was no discussion to speak of even on the mounds of 2004 voting irregularities surrounding such voting “communities” as Ohio and Florida.

But today, after the 2012 election, several news sources are discussing the Electoral College. President Obama won both the popular and the Electoral College vote but there was not a perfect match. The Wall Street Journal – owned by News Corp. -  and the New York Times both commented on the Electoral College.

The 2012 election for President of the United States of America was one of the most bizarre election performances likely in the history of the country. Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, kept campaigning even after the election had been finalized. The 2004 election was different. Democrats lost, under a haze of “stuff’. The thousands of Americans who lost in 2004 behaved in a professional manner. Not so for the behavior of the 2012 losers.

The 2012 losers wants to split the country so that they will win. Would they want to do that every time their man or woman lost? What childish behavior!!! In the face of the childish carrying on of Mitt Romney and company, news sources are talking about changing the country. Perhaps that’s where news sources thinks the problem is? That’s what the neocons have been trying to do since 1980.

It is not the system folks. It’s the misfits who have been manipulating the system. It’s the neocons who lied about WMDs to get their hands on Iraq’s oil and make a GIFT  to BIG OIL. It’s the neocons who stripped(and it looks intentional) America’s treasury via tax cuts and wars  producing the second economy crash in 60 some odd years.

When is the best time to question the “soundness” of the Electoral College? When heads are “clear enough” to think straight. That would rule out “the heat of battle”(political campaigns) and may even rule out any action at all.

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