There Is Never A Dull Moment In Neocon America


Listen to this from the AFP:

Republicans steamed over Rice as possible top diplomat

WASHINGTON — Nearly 100 Republican lawmakers warned President Barack Obama on Monday against nominating UN envoy Susan Rice to be his next secretary of state, saying she misled Americans over the Benghazi attack.

The 97 Republican House members wrote to Obama to say they were "deeply troubled" he was considering her as a replacement to Hillary Clinton because Rice "propagated a falsehood" about the attack on the US mission in Benghazi.[…]

The “100 Republican lawmakers” description makes it appear that 100 Republican lawmakers were talking. But more to the point – it was 100 Republican party neoconservatives. And by now everyone ought to know that neocons and diplomacy don’t mix.

Having neocons selecting diplomats is like having the Devil select Angels. Just you try to remember when a neocon diplomat was speaking.

“go f**k yourself”, “kiss my butt”, “drop your “drawz”, I need access to your penis “, “YOU LIE(said a South Carolina Diplomat detector)!!!!!!!”. All of that kind of language has come from “Republican” law makers who are now passing judgment on diplomacy .

Those 100 Republican lawmakers(that’s what the press called them) said Rice “propagated a falsehood”? Can you believe the party of George W. Bush is talking about “propagating a falsehood”? As joejolly has said in the past – neocons can go either way on most anything. It just depends on gains for their political party.

The neocons didn’t care about propagating one of the GREATEST FALSEHOODS in twenty some-odd-years.  One of, if not the greatest propagated falsehoods is Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. That lie propagated all the way to Iraq’s oil fields and brought one Hell of a gift to BIG OIL. This gift was ignored by Mitt Romney and the World Court. You don’t apply external rules to the strongest man on earth.

Trying to survive the neocons has not been easy – unless you are in the wealthy or greedy bastard categories. The neocons(called Republicans and even GOP by the press) are still opposing President Barack Obama anyway and everyway they can. Hopefully, within two years,  America’s ombudsmen(voters) will again clean house in the House.  Opposition for the sake of opposition makes no sense.

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