Yes, Boys And Girls Out There In Radio-Land, There Is A Moderate Republican In The Republican Party


You might have thought they were extinct but NPR found one in the Republican Party.  This revelation, of a moderate G.O.P.,  was caused by A Democratic President choosing, for his Secretary of State, Susan Rice. NPR says Senator Susan Collins, who hails from Maine, is a moderate GOP.

You remember Maine – right?  Maine has a governor who proffered his two cheeks and a crackto be kissed by  America’s NAACP. Of course the NAACP is an organization that consists of men, women and children.  But with two cheeks and a crack offered, three of them could be accommodated at a time with straws being drawn for the “crack position”.

Joejolly does not think Susan Rice(the current President’s choice) is related to Condoleezza Rice( a past President’s choice). Surely news accounts would have made mention of that fact if that had been a fact. Susan Rice and Condoleezza Rice are politically dissimilar.

Condoleezza Rice helped keep a “foot on Hamas’s neck”. It is difficult to think of Susan Rice performing that way.

But NPR, according to its website, found, in the Republican Party – a moderate.

Here is how npr explained its find:

Moderate GOP Senator Expresses Concerns About Rice

Can you be both a neocon and a moderate Republican at the same time? Perhaps there is a clue further down in the text. Lets look:

… there are still lingering UNANSWERED questions about the deadly Sept. 11 attack in Libya.

Perhaps the good Senator from Maine should be put on the job of flushing out an answer to the below major question:

Why did her political party attack Iraq in 2003? That question has been “lingering” for nine years. If her “moderate” behavior does not mirror neocon behavior then she might be able to express her moderate opinion on the start of the Iraq war. She might tell the world why the Iraq war was started by her political party.

In the world of espionage and terrorism there are more UNANSWERED than answered questions:

Why did the neocons attack Iraq when 9/11 did not relate to Iraq?

Why did Bush(George W.) illegally spy on 200,000,000 Americans?

Why did a neocon come out of retirement “squealing like a stuck pig”  when America attempted to investigate activities of its CIA?

 Joejolly recalls a moderate Republican news story of several years ago.  The news story appeared in the New York Times and here is its title:

G.O.P. Moderate, Pressed by Right, Abandons Race

The news story was written by ADAM NAGOURNEY and JEREMY W. PETERS. It was published: October 31, 2009. Listen:

A moderate Republican whose candidacy for an upstate New York Congressional seat had set off a storm of national conservative opposition abruptly withdrew on Saturday, emboldening the right at a time when the Republican Party is enmeshed in a debate over how to rebuild itself.

The candidate, Dede Scozzafava, said she was suspending her campaign in the face of collapsing support and evidence that she was heading for a loss in a three-way race on Tuesday involving Douglas L. Hoffman, running on the Conservative Party line, and Bill Owens, a Democrat.

Ms. Scozzafava had been under siege from conservative leaders because she supported gay rights and abortion rights and was considered too liberal on various fiscal issues.[…]

Now boys and girls at home – don’t you go  trying  to find a Republican moderate in today’s Republican Party. That takes special skills.

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