The Press And Its Political, Ethical, Moral and Economic Leadership Strikes Again


The San Francisco Chronicle says ‘Fiscal cliff’ – time for Obama to lead

The crux of the author’s viewpoint seems to focus on spending cuts. Where the HELL has this author and this news source been for the last twenty-some-odd years? Spending cuts should have happened twenty-some-odd-years ago.

Where was this author and the Chronicle focused when a California native son(Ronald Reagan) was cutting taxes like Hell and funding adopted wars in the jungles of South America? It took twenty-some-odd-years to “break America”. Nobody can fix it overnight. And throwing people in the “trash pile” is not  a fix for decreased spending. It’s not in Europe. It’s not in Syria. And it’s not in Israel.

People of the world are speaking out. Of course the mental capacity of some American thinkers could never hold those kinds of thoughts. Some don’t believe where we are going until we get there.

It is idiotic to believe that “negotiating” with neocons, who caused the mess, will be easier than negotiating with terrorists who would cause the mess if they could. And the press should remember that the word ‘leadership’  can be spoken when one looks in the mirror. The press could play a leadership role. America’s founding fathers thought that to be the case. Freedom of the press is a privileged position that has been wrecked by greed.

Stop miss-leading people. Stop trying to make people stupid. The neocons spent twenty-some-odd years deliberately killing  America’s treasury. And there are plenty of news sources that shows Reagan and Bush(George W.) killing America’s economy. The same political party(they call themselves Republicans) is still “looking the other way” as banks and big business use America for their own personal benefit. And you may not have noticed but people have stopped listening to the press the way they used to. And America’s IQ may go up as the press’s “footprint” is downsized.

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