Listen To This From The Canada Foreign Minister Via


Canada will not let the Jews or Israel stand alone’

No one is letting the Jews or Israel stand alone. What is this man talking about? What’s tough about the United Nations doing what it has done since its creation? In 1946, it created the conditions for Israel to be born and Palestine to die. Should Canada tell the Palestinians to forget the name Palestine? What right does Canada have to impose its will on Palestine? The United Nations spoke.

This man spoke his opinion in the United Nations. That was the proper venue. Why does he keep blabbing to the press? What does Canada need that the Jews can deliver?

Joejolly looked for something, outside of lip-service, that Israel received. And  from the USA here is one:

[…]- The close relationship between the two states is reflected in the volume of aid Israel receives from the US. Since World War II Israel has been the largest overall recipient of US aid: from 1949-2006 Israel received more than $156 billion of direct US aid.[…]

How much sense does it make for a grown man from one country  to edict the behavior of another grown man of another “state”. Canada ought to have experienced that trying to manage Quebec.

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