Neocons Should Warn Themselves To Stay Away From Real Political Topics While Campaigning


Joejolly commented, sometime ago, that Mitt Romney was one neocon who was campaigning on real political topics.  Other neocons made campaign topics out of such stuff as “ lipstick on a pig” and “what I  did as a POW in Vietnam”. While Mitt Romney did not talk about past political performance of the neocons, he did talk about political topics that referenced the future. His topics referenced future not past behavior.

After twenty-some-odd years of political performance, neocons still shy away from talking about their past political performance. And one look at the graphs, charts and other data related to their political performance, easily explains why they don’t talk about past political performance. The neocons’ past political performance benefitted BIG BUSINESS rather than sea to shining sea America. Sea to shining sea America presents a “socialism” problem for the neocons.

So Mitt Romney ventured into a high risk(for neocons)  political area – politics. And he did the same thing for that topic that the neocons have been doing for  twenty-some-odd years. The words that escaped the lips of Mitt Romney were, to say the least, unusual. And now comes time to reflect on the run for America’s Presidency by Mitt Romney.

The impact of Mitt Romney on America has been negative. It has been a long time since America could see an ethical uplift from the neocons who now inhabit the Republican party.  The list of unethical, illegal and totally obnoxious behavior is now an expected  part of neocon character. Imagine creating an atmosphere that fosters the destruction of America. Yes that’s what civil wars do. And when the TOP feeds bad ideas to the BOTTOM, that frequently makes things unstable.

It was the minorities who caused America’s Great Recession. It was President Obama whose actions appeared un-American in the Gulf Oil accident. And that accident also served as Obama’s Katrina. Whenever neocons saw what they believed to be an opportunity – they took it. They blamed those outside their political party for bad results. Although, for twenty-some-odd years,  America has gone through many neocon caused trials and tribulations, the neocons have always presented themselves as “squeaky clean” – until now. 

Mitt Romney made public the neocons’ political side. And it ain’t pretty. Had he stuck with “lipstick on a pig” and/or “how I avoided becoming a POW in Vietnam(France will do nicely), he likely would still be in good standing with his neocon party. But instead we see this from the economist website:

Republicans blaming Mitt Romney for losing the public are actually having an argument about their own party

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