What Impact Should A Christian Democracy Have On Political Behavior?


Political behavior  that subscribes to Christian Democracy ought to have more than just  “human beings” in common. A human being cares for himself/herself but that’s too often where the “natural” care ends. It is even  humanly possible for an adult member of a family to jump out the window of a burning bedroom and later recall that the rest of the family is still in the fire. Self preservation and greed go hand in hand.

Greed is a common “property” of human beings. Christian Democratic principles should “regulate” greed so that its damaging effects could be lessened.

Both Christian and Democratic principles ought to be noticeable in the performance of  political parties that operate under the Christian Democracy “banner”.  America’s laws , at this time, do not demand Christian principles nor Democratic behavior. So, those are variables to be filled in by the value system of the individual. America’s majority voluntarily behaved in a Christian Democracy manner and became prosperous and achieving – up until 1980.

1980 produced a challenge to the Christian Democracy behavior in America.

Prior to 1980 – America spoke softly and carried a BIG STICK. After 1980 America spoke, “bring em’ on.

Prior to 1980 – management and labor settled disputes via arbitration of some sort. After 1980, 11,000 American Control Tower workers were given their walking papers. And as a “going away present” told to never come back.

Prior to 1980 – a man’s penis was his own personal property. After 1980 a man’s penis became “government property”.

Prior to 1980 – government spending versus government income made sense. After 1980 government spending versus income went crazy.

Prior to 1980 – government spending on jobs for American workers and jobs for America’s House of Representatives was OK. After 1980 jobs for America’s workers took a savage hit.

[In searching for information on the cost to America of its  House of Representatives,  joejolly, using Google,  came across this website.

Government Spending & Budget | U.S. House of Representatives


Out of Control Spending Not since World War II have federal deficits grown at such a rapid pace. The national debt hit the $15 trillion mark in November 2011

Here you see what joejolly considers a candidate for  the defective brakes for 20 some odd years problem”. 

The author related a World War II event to the year 2011. And that, in itself, can be done. The possibility that it is miss- leading might pop-up after reading this:

[…] The national debt hit the $15 trillion mark in November 2011. This is unprecedented and unacceptable. Since President Obama took office the national debt has increased by $3.7 trillion[…]

Humans do have bias. That is a natural and OK attribute. Imagine a human being who did not care about anything. But if a bias intends to miss-lead in a political domain – it can easily be classed as political propaganda. Political propaganda knifes the truth in the back.

Now YOU take a look at America’s “living expenses” since WWII and see if YOU arrive at the same alert stage as the above website’s author.

US national debt-to-GDP ratio. Who did it?

National Debt Graph by President

The problem that this author is now concerned about showed up in 1980.  Let’s see now: 2012 – 1980 = 32. The problem attacked America’s economy 32 years ago. And even the slowest “FAST BOAT”  should have arrived well before today. The problem was driven by Reaganomics which was an adaptation of supply-side economics. It became known as VOODOO ECONOMICS and you would likely not guess who gave it that “tag”. 


Suppose you were a billionaire and someone or something “wiped you out”. Would your billionaire expenses go away with  the funds that you lost. Hell No!!!!! So now you are “broke” and the “brainy ones” might tell you that your source of revenue can’t increase. Even the grandfathered out tax cuts can’t be allowed to grandfather out. If you were an anti- American  terrorist wouldn’t you want to “wait this one out” before you lost any more of your fighters against America?

It certainly looks like, since 1980,  America has had a political party whose behavior does not remind one of a Christian Democracy. 

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