Are Think Tanks Becoming Political?


The Heritage Foundation recently provided a podium for political thinking. Senator Rand Paul(R-KY) visited the Heritage Foundation and used that podium to say some “think tank” things.

Nothing biases “thinking thoughts” like politics and religion. Associating the name “Think Tank” with politics or religion seems to be adding a bias to the thoughts coming from a think tank platform.

On a podium at the  Heritage House, Sen. Paul told the world who invented the Internet. Senator Paul, from the American State of Kentucky, reasoned that inanimate objects can’t own or invent things – only human beings have the “ownership property”. And since America is not a human being it cannot own the Internet. Saying that on a think tank podium is supposed to give some validity to Senator Paul’s thought.

Here is what arstechnica said  about Senator Paul’s comments:

[…]Sen. Paul began by referencing Gordon Crovitz’s recent column in the Wall Street Journal,questioning whether the government launched the Internet. We’ve pointed out that Crovitz’s column was factually challenged; Paul offered a more nuanced version of the argument.[…]

Joejolly wondered why the Heritage House became a part of those Paul words delivered to America’s ombudsmen(voters).  Today joejolly saw this headline on ROLL CALL website: Think Tanks or Partisan Advocates? Distinction Is Getting Harder to See.

Since 1980, the neocons are even trying to politicize America’s workplace.

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