The Below Title Begs The Question Why Did The Tea Party Infiltrate Rather Than Create?


Dick Armey Blames GOP For Congressional Setbacks

Neocons or Tea Party or Republicans or GOP or whatever name they call themselves at the time of a “malfunction” know how to play the blame game. The “buck” takes on the characteristics of a “roulette wheel” –  where it stops – nobody knows.

If the Tea Party was not going to take on the responsibility of the Republican Party, why did it infiltrate? Why didn’t Tea Party folks call a spade a spade? Why didn’t they create their brand new Tea Party in 1980 and introduce themselves to America as a brand new political party?  They were neither Republicans nor Democrats. And all the major performance indicators show that. After twenty-some-odd years of trying to learn how to turn America into their vision of America they ought to be “man enough” to stop playing the blame game. And America’s ombudsmen(voters), by now, ought to see what is going on.

[Oh, and by the way – the Tea Party won’t have to throw a tantrum because the current winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is not a Democrat.]


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