Neocons Want To “Modernize” America’s Social Security Program


The “cross-hairs” have been upon America’s economy since 1980. That’s when America’s ombudsmen(voters) gave control of America’s economy to the far right wing of the Republican party. That’s when the modernization of America’s economy began. So far, several milestones in the neocons’ economic modernization program have been reached already. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act of 1999 helped pave the way for the neocons’ “modernization” plan. And by December of 2007  they registered their first success.

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act enabled banks and other financial concerns to merge and sell financial derivatives. In a global economy financial derivatives could likely  be sold “over-seas”. Sales commissions may have remained true to their definition in spite of a World Class wreck of the Western World’s economies.

Ex-President Franklin D. Roosevelt left another working target for the far-right-wing of the Republican party. That neocon target is Social Security. If they are allowed to wreck Social Security like they were allowed to wreck the economy, they may no longer have to be miffed by the Democrats successes in managing America for sea to shining sea America rather than just managing for greedy bastard and big business.

Big oil, of course, loves the neocons. So does big gas. So does big pharmaceuticals. So does big banks. And that love may persist until FAT MAN and LITTLE BOY find their way back home. But it seems that the Bush Administration is not the only administration that might make use of PRE-EMPTIVE-SELF-DEFENSE.

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