A Search For A “Sentence Fragment”?


The sentence fragment that joejolly wanted to search for is “mother-child reunion”. He remembered  those words and the tune – but nothing more. Why – at this time? Probably Connecticut played a role. America’s decline, in many categories,  likely played a role.

Some, among us, know very well how to verbalize emotions. Everyone knows how to verbalize “cess-pool”  type  emotions but joejolly is not talking about the “kiss my butt” type of verbalizing. Even kids can do that – when they are not in “ear-shot” of a mother. That brings us back to the “mother-child reunion” expression. Joejolly asked Google to “please explain the mother- child reunion mystery”. And Google did. The website www.elyrics.net   presented the information.

Joejolly did not want to “download music”. While downloading music does not activate “capital punishment” , one neocon Senator presented a close approximation. He suggested  “blow up their computers” solution to the act of illegally downloading of copyrighted music. But back to the search.

The website related the “mother-child reunion” words to Paul Simon. That name sounded familiar. Then the website asked if I wanted to hear the song. I did – and there it was. It was what I was searching for.

America, some time ago, stopped listening to the philosophy of song lyrics. And many of the songs, with lyrics that targeted good, ethical, human qualities seems to have stopped being written.

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