It Reads Like “Old Times”:


N.Y. officials, newspaper duel over gun data

From the USA Today’s website we see the above news title. The authors are Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY and John Ferro, Poughkeepsie(N.Y.) Journal. They  published this news story on January 3, 2013. And it is refreshing. Highlighting the news story is this:

The Journal News published a report and interactive map identifying the names and addresses of those who legally hold pistol permits in Westchester and Rockland counties.

Since this information is about New York and not Florida – there should be no imminent expectation of “stand your ground “ city street confrontations as a result of gun ownership.

And politicians, bless their hearts, are behaving. Listen to this:

Putnam County officials, who initially agreed to provide the information to the Westchester-based Journal News, said in a press conference here Thursday they would defy New York State’s open records law and refuse to provide the controversial information.

So who changed the minds of law abiding new york politicians?  “Betcha” the emails were flying. And somebody may have changed the minds of “law abiding” politicians into “otherwise”. Sounds just like the post 1980 political era doesn’t it?

And listen to this from the news source:

 “We take seriously our obligation to serve the residents of Putnam County and will aggressively pursue the community’s right of access to public record information.”

An obligation to serve is what freedom of the press meant in the past. And you don’t need a high IQ to know that.

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