The World Tries To “Live Down” A Neocon Legacy Of Human Torture


Without challenge, the king of this legacy has to be Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney and his boss brought shame to a country and the world. And to make matters worse, their powerful positions exempted them from accountability for the atrocities done to human beings on their behalf.  Two locations served as focus points for torture with points in between also coming in for mention. Guantanamo Bay Cuba and Iraq’s Abu Ghraib were high profile.

And today, Abu Ghraib  is in the news. Listen: Ex-Abu Ghraib inmates get $5m settle from US firm. This news title comes from the BBC website. The article, in part, says:

  • US firm Engility Holdings paid 71 people held at Abu Ghraib, Baghdad and other US-run prisons, on behalf of L-3 Services, according to a legal filing found by the Associated Press.
  • Images of abuse at Abu Ghraib in 2004 sparked international outrage.

Much of this savagery was motivated or supported by America’s Vice President at that time. His solution to the savagery was to rename it. While the whole world knows torture by its name  –  Mr. Cheney re-named it to  “intelligent interrogation”.  Although Mr. Cheney has had a change of heart – that may not have impacted his feelings about his “intelligent interrogation” behavior.

Trying to recover from the neocons’ politics  will not be easy.

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