Trials And Tribulations Can Result From An Errant Press


Palestinians and the current-day 47% know the trials and tribulations that can result from an errant press. Palestinians, were roused from their breakfast tables to “entertain” a United Nations and Zionist Jew incursion into Palestine. The errant press called the Palestinians terrorist for trying to protect their homeland.

African Americans, who fought for the right to protect America by becoming soldiers in America’s military were demeaned by the lips(brain too?) of a “high ranking” neocon politician who “fought?” (via France) the “right” to escape military duty in Vietnam. Much of the world’s press input those realities, processed them, and then output the result to the world’s current events news pool. And human brains were pained.

It is difficult to understand how “freedom of the press” means the freedom to do what, in large part, has been done by much of the world’s press. Of course “freedom of the press” does not mean the freedom to break America’s laws. That American privilege is reserved for high ranking neocons.

When neocon political lips called Palestinians “everything but a child of God” – was the press free to pass that on? When neocon lips demeaned that 47%, was the press free to pass that on? Should the press make more use of “SIC” in telling the readership when the press is no more than a “pass-thru” device.

There ought to be a level, below which the press does not sink else the press becomes part of the “humanity problem”. A lack of the use of the analysis tool, where it is called for, could serve baser elements in a news community. As political and unethical as today’s press is – there ought to be much “validating” of the output of neocon lips. As the navy used to say, “loose lips sinks ships”. Anyone who thinks that can’t apply to America ought to revisit the “blocks and circles”.

If a President of the United States of America said something, in confidence, to a high ranking owner of a news establishment -  that should have been the final destination for “content” spoken in confidence.  However, the occasion was blabbed to the world. It seems that ethics should have played a role here. But then ethics took a big beating at News of the world.   News of the World hacking  should not have gotten off the ground – but it did.

The conservative press set, as a goal, the lofty heights of the liberal press. And the conservative press has really done a job on (1) the liberal press, (2) ethics and (3) consumer respect for press output. It maintains the trend of the neocons’ wrecking everything they touch. And the neocons have blamed everyone but the devil for the outcome of those things they touched. Flip Wilson used to say, “the devil made me do it”.

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