Great Recessions & Great Bonuses & Neocons


Great Recessions are an integral part of neocon economy managing.

Engineering a great recession is no small task – especially in a “hard-to-kill” country like America. But given a time frame of twenty-some-odd years, it was done.

Leading the way to what would later be called the Great Recession was the TAX CUT and SPEND policy of President Ronald Reagan. The Reagan years produced the foundation for what was to come in December of 2007. Even neocons could not bring the Great Country of America to her knees overnight.

The process of crashing America economy was simple. Any home-owner can handle the process provided the home owner is stupid enough. All the home-owner need do is spend like crazy while asking his/her boss to lower his/her salary(a representation of TAX CUTS). Thus one could put into play what the neocons put into play as they were crashing America’s economy. And the crash of America’s economy did come.

America had its Great Recession in December of 2007. Setting up that event began in 1980 but it took time for the economy managing skills of the neocons to put the “finishing touches” to their Great Recession. The economy crashing act of the neocons began in 1980. The presidential election, in 1980,  of Ronald Reagan brought with it something later called Reaganomics.  That served as the tool used to crash America’s economy.

Great bonuses are an integral part of neocon’s Great Recessions.

While Great Recessions and Great Depressions produce “great” bread-lines and “great” soup-lines for the majority, a small minority(not the 47% kind) finds great income from economic depressions. If no one benefitted from Great Depressions and Great Recessions, the first GREAT economic depression would likely have been the last one. A country that can solve the problem of space travel can solve the problem of economic depressions – if it really wants to.

Great income via GREAT BONUSES and GREAT SALES’ COMMISSIONS accrue to some during a great economic upheaval. And this money is “non-refundable”. The organization providing these personal funds may go “belly-up” but the personal gains may not follow suit. If they did the 1929 Great Depression would likely have been the first and last great economical upheaval known to the United States.

How can such a problem be approached? It is practically a given that man is motivated to action in order to make a gain or to avoid a loss. How could a sane mind “manage” this innate behavior of man? Well, there is one thing for certain – you don’t DE-REGULATE him – for that puts things in the HIGH RISK area.


Neocons ventured into the HIGH RISK area in 2003 via emphasis on de-regulation.

The framework for the destruction of America’s economy was put in place in 1999. The 1999 work, known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act and called modernization – lay dormant for several years. That Act “let loose banks” to their 1929 environment. Regressing back almost 70 years and calling that “modernization” is another skill exercised by neocons and apparently given a pass by America’s news services.

After America’s economy had been “modernized” in 1999 and given impetus in 2003 via a President’s State of the Union Address – it crashed in 2007. America’s economy crashed in 2007. And the crash was under the same party’s leadership that America’s 1929 economy crash happened under. The modernization worked in 2007 the same way it did back in 1929.

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