Fields of Cotton & The 47% & Plantation Owners & Mitt Romney


The 47% that Mitt Romney’s lips(again – not sure about Mitt Romney’s brain) spoke of did not come to America the same way as Mitt Romney’s forebears did. Shooting your way into America , apparently, is preferred over being brought in as “cargo”. Living cargo was brought to America because Mitt Romney’s forebears were too lazy to “process” cotton. And since the American government could not “hand-out” the solution to the “cotton picking” problem, Mitt Romney’s forebears went to Africa to bring in the labor to do the “easy” work of chopping and picking cotton.

The slavery trade (Mitt Romney’s forebears did not have to shoot their way into Africa) became welcomed by Mitt Romney’s forebears and the Christian Church. It is amazing how some elements of the Christian church can still be called “Christian”. Can one imagine Christ serving up human cartel as slaves for a  living government? Some can, of course. Mitt Romney’s forebears looked to the American government to “hand out” a solution to their cotton picking problem. And the slave trade was born in America’s south.

Cotton picking and cotton chopping  was the purpose of the 47%’s life in America. A day in the life of a 47% type was not happy or pretty. Outside, where Romney’s 47% type labored -  it got hot – really hot.  The 47% had a choice of doing the cotton-processing out-doors or hanging from the limb of  a majestic maple tree – or escaping to the North where freedom could be found. Yes, all of America was not Satanic. But the South was.

The 47% type were persuaded to stay on and pick cotton because their owners would have them  shot or perhaps hanged from a strong limb of a majestic maple tree. In the end – to a large extent – Satan won – Christ lost. The Christian church, in the South, survived “majestically” if you want to call it that.

Eventually, the 47% did not take to slavery without a fight. The limbs of many strong and sturdy “magnolia” trees can attest to that. Hangings and Christian hymn singing went hand in hand in the South – the seat of Romney’s political stance.

Isn’t it weird – how some who sat on their butts during the cotton chopping and cotton picking periods in the south can point to those who did the hard work as looking for government handouts. Sitting on one’s butt and waiting for a government hand-out is not in the nature of human beings at all – but it can be learned – if one is born into wealth. And in neocon America the investor is rated higher than the ones who sweated out the creation and development of a world class product – in their basement.

[One “feature” of human life is re-production. It seems that whoever created the design for human life integrated re-production into the framework. This should be taken into account whenever a country welcomes in immigrants.

Germany recently called its immigration activity a failure because those who came into the country did not become German-like. Indeed, the children of some, wanted to retain their connection to their past by wearing clothing of their historical past in the current social climate of Germany. Wearing a “mask” in the West is a “no-no” unless you are a bandit or perhaps the Lone Ranger.

Whether in Germany or America, after the work of those brought into the country has “waned” the host country’s political leaders thinks of an “exodus”.

Get thee behind me Satan – please! ]

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