What Else Did Mr. Cheney Get Wrong?


During the course of  Mr. Cheney’s stewardship of America, he said many things – and the mechanics of his delivery was impressive. But the content of his delivery, at some critical times, seemed to require a pathos audience. There is something wrong with content that requires an “inflight” re-definition of English words as they arrive at the ears of the listener. For those listeners who are  in pathos mode, they might cheer and clap. Others might hear the content in a different way. Torture and interrogation are not synonyms. And even neocons can’t make it so.

And about Dick Cheney’s war crimes claim, here is what UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said about the start of the Iraq war:

From our point of view and the UN Charter point of view, it [the war] was illegal.

And from the Yale Law School website listen:

The Iraq War Is Now Illegal
By Bruce Ackerman ’67 and Oona Hathaway ’97

The Bush administration’s infatuation with presidential power has finally pushed the country over a constitutional precipice. As of New Year’s Day, ongoing combat in Iraq is illegal under US law.

In authorizing an invasion in 2002, Congress did not give President Bush a blank check. It explicitly limited the use of force to two purposes: to “defend the national security of the US from the threat posed by Iraq” and “enforce all relevant UN Security Council resolutions.”[…]


It seems that America’s Congress, one of three equal branches of America’s government, was less equal than the Executive Branch. The Congressional Branch did not want or send America’s troops to get Iraq’s oil.  But the two oil men who sat in America’s Executive Branch did want Iraq’s oil. They were the victors. And they grabbed the spoils. But Mr. Cheney is not worried about a war crimes trial. And until he is – international justice is just a figment of someone’s imagination – and a costly figment at that.

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