Doing Good Vs Doing Evil – Who Won?


The “do gooders” long ago fell to the onslaught of the neocons. The “do gooders”, however,  were loosing ground on America’s political scene prior to 1980. But after 1980 it was all over but the shouting.

Prior to 1980, the death of the do gooders came with the sneering reference of some of America’s congressmen to the attempt by President Johnson to attack New York’s infestation of rats. As America’s congress trounced the attempt – you may recall how the Congress “laughingly”  said: “now lets git rat back to our work”  The South was beginning to make its intellect, rather than its muscle,  felt in America’s political scene. And in 1980, the “do gooder” idea met a  continued political attack.

After 1980 America’s “do gooder” list was practically non-existent while its “do evil” list was rapidly growing.  If America had gotten tired of “do gooders” – the neocons provided the right tool: Flowers in the hair was replaced by NAZI uniforms on the body. And after the Bush(George W.) Presidency,  Hugh made a list – a long list – of Bush’s scandals. That list is about anti-do gooder as they come.

America’s do gooders are now  relics of the past. America’s liberal era, with its emphasis on the intellect, is now a thing of the past. Neocons attacked the intellect from Sesame Street on up.  And the neocon attack performance is beginning to bear fruit. America’s performance at the World’s  International Collegiate Programming Contest went from the top to almost the bottom. 

Do gooders focused on mankind. Neocons focused on greedy bastards. And extreme good has been replaced by extreme evil. Who won? Look at the condition of the world. Flowers in the hair has been replaced by helmets on the head.

The evil doers have certainly given the do gooders “a run for the money”.

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