“Axis of Evil” Versus “Arch-Enemy”?


BBC News now reports: North Korea warning follows nuclear threat

While the Bush team saw the North Koreans as a member of an axis of evil the North Koreans –  most likely don’t see themselves that way. While North Korea sees the United States as it’s arch enemy , the United States likely does not see itself that way. But the makings of a problem is born.

What kind of solutions might await such a problem? Is there common ground anywhere? After-all the problem participants do have something in common. You might not readily notice it but both adversaries share the classification of human being.  And although human beings participate in both peace and war, peace is generally preferred. So – perhaps peace has a chance?

Both North Korea and America(neocons) have exported war to other countries(the neocons have also threatened a war in their own country). Both have used the war tool. And both have lived to tell about it. Will that pattern continue? Will the world continue to thrive after the next world war? Lets take another look at the information and the compelling site logo of  – Armageddon Online.org :

Armageddon Online

Nuclear Warfare

What is a Nuclear Weapon?
A nuclear weapon is any device that harnesses the immense power of the atom to create a bomb. For all the hype, they are essentially nothing more than extremely powerful bombs, bombs large enough to obliterate vast cities.
A typical nuclear warhead might have a power of one megaton. This means the power of 1,000,000 tons of TNT, the most powerful non-nuclear explosive. Imagine the size of this much TNT (a cube 300m by 300m by 300m) and compare it to one small nuclear warhead, and you realise the awesome power of nuclear weapons.

How many nuclear weapons are there?
There are more than 40,000, distributed as follows:
· USA: 12,070
· Russia: 28,240
· UK: 400
· France: 510
· China: 425
· India: 70
· Pakistan: 15
This many warheads could destroy the world many times over.

What would an impact be like?
The missile would be denoted above the ground, to maximise devastation. The first effect would be the heat, which would travel out form the bomb at the speed of light, burning everything for miles in 10,000°C flames. The air itself would seem to catch fire. Gas mains would explode; anyone seeing the blast from virtually any distance would be blinded. Then, seconds later, the shockwave would follow. This would smash through anything in its path, felling skyscrapers and blasting cars hundreds of feet into the air. It would be like a hurricane, just many times more powerful than anything natural. It would sweep through a city, destroying any structure within 15 kilometres of the blast. The shockwave would be so powerful that the air would not be able to absorb it all, so instead some energy would create an elector magnetic pulse that would destroy electrical circuit a huge distance from Ground Zero, potentially even knocking out satellites.[…]

Two well known country leaders, George W. Bush and Kim Jong  have placed nuclear war “on the table”.  It will take a huge imagination to capture the damage a nuclear war can do. President Dwight D. Eisenhower(5 Star General of the army and President of the United States of America), unlike President George W. Bush, said, “The only way to win World War III is to prevent it.”   President Eisenhower was a Republican – but before 1980.

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