Everyone Plays By The Same Rules – A Worthwhile Goal!


Listen to what President Obama is saying:

Ask pretty much anyone, and they’ll agree: Our nation’s immigration system is broken. But working together, we can fix it so everyone plays by the same rules.

To that end, the President has proposed the following steps:

- Continue to strengthen and secure our borders;
- Crack down on companies that hire undocumented workers;
- Establish a legal path to earned citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are already here — including children who were brought here through no fault of their own;
- And streamline legal immigration for those who are already playing by the rules.

Will the President and Congress be able to finally civilize immigration? What and/or whose practices will need to be modified to accomplish that goal? Try the below bullets for a starter:

  • Big Business practices
  • Neocon practices
  • Tea Party practices

Big business, apparently, has a stake in the status-quo. Big business wants to maximize management salaries, management bonuses and investors return on investments while minimizing pay to lower level employees. Even for American citizens – a cost of living pay increase brings warnings of inflation from the “business allied” news media.

So, illegal immigrants who work in America operate under “secrecy constraints”. Neither pay nor working conditions is likely to be publicized. You don’t have to be in Africa or Asia to subject workers to poor working conditions and poor salaries.

Neocons have a stake in Big business. Big business is the political base of the neocons. And the neocons have gone to great extremes to provide Big business a  very “favorable return on investment”. One favorable return cost America $3tn and the lives of 6,000 of her soldiers.  The cost to Iraqi lives was much more. All done as a favor to Big business.

Tea Party Members have a stake in the Neocons. The binary faced Tea Party can be called Republicans  or neocons. Post 1980 Republicans(neocons)  and Tea Party share the same political and business goals – control of the American government.

But now it looks like immigration reform may be the topic that can get everybody playing by the same rules. The Democrats and Republicans are now hoping for that. Did somebody finally find centrist Republicans within the ranks of the neocon Republican party?

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