The Iraq War And The Neocons In The Year 2006


The Iraqi war is a highlight of the neocons years at the top of American government. One might recall that the year following 2006 was the year 2007. December of 2007 was the year that  America was declared in R-E-C-E-S-S-I-O-N. Joejolly spelled the word because the neocons, in December of 2007, denied America was in recession.  Perhaps the Business Cycle Dating Committee had it all wrong. President Bush(George W.), in April of 2008, denied that America was in recession.

So, what did happen in the year 2006? During the year prior to America’s economy crash joejolly read this on the Forbes website:

A Staggering New Bill For Iraq?

Jessica Holzer and Matthew swibel

The U.S. armed services have requested a $160 billion supplemental appropriation to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the remainder of fiscal year 2007 – a staggering amount that, if approved by the Defense Department may hasten the showdown between resurgent congressional Democrats and the Bush administration over the budget-busting War on Terror.[…]

Joejolly was not able to find that article on today’s Forbes’ website  – but the same article was found on the Actuarial Outpost website.

The neocons wasted American and Iraqi lives on an outcome that seems criminal. BIG OIL got Iraq’s oil. The resources of a country were used to fatten private business. Don’t even sound like a democracy – does it?

Those so called “conservatives” spent like crazy on wars. They spent until America went into a recession. Then they decided to fix the problems they caused by attacking the social programs of the American government. And the greedy bastards – throughout the world – seems to have raised a “ruckus”.

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