Results Are Still Out On America’s “Fracking” Experiment


How long will it take before America knows if the “fracking” gamble paid off. It took five years for America to get an understanding of  Thalidomide and its consequences. Thalidomide had a better send-off than “fracking”. Seven years have passed and the jury is still out on any major destruction that “fracking” caused.

A political decision, in 2005,  sent “fracking” off to its start. No environmental study was done. President George W. Bush, with the stroke of a pen, enabled the gas industry to “scrape” the earth in search of natural gas – after disabling the Environmental Protection Agency. Benjamin Grumbles said “fracking exemption went too far”.

America discovered the long term effects of Thalidomide. That only took about five years. It appears that no long term effects of fracking have yet been discovered. If people don’t mind drinking tap water that is ablaze perhaps they can wait until the methane burns off. A scientific study linked flammable drinking water to “fracking”.

An earlier joejolly post pointed out that the Halliburton Company has been given credit for inventing fracking. Both big oil and big gas had friends in Washington D.C. when the neocons held sway. And if the gas industry wanted to use “fluids” to get the gas that was ok with big men who sat at the top in America’s government. Just don’t expect big gas to “reveal” the contents of those fluids – not even to the owners of America. The website said it this way: Halliburton’s hydraulic-fracturing will set world on fire

What “fluids” was the gas industry and their political support(neocons/Republicans) protecting from the current event news pool of Americans?  Congress(three Democrats) confirmed that diesel fuel was being used.

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