The BBC Should Tone Down Its ‘Eurozone Crisis’ Hysteria


The BBC News website is now saying:

“ the worst of the predictions did not come true. The Eurozone has survived intact, but it is still a currency in intensive care”.

Accentuating the negative while giving acknowledgement to the positive doesn’t have to be a bad idea. But the press failed to give the same type behavior to Europe that it gave to America – which sourced the problem and is, itself, talking about a “fiscal cliff”. BBC News is a great news service. But some, not many, of its “lesser” activities have come to light – recently.

It’s not just a Eurozone crisis. It’s a Western world economic crisis. It started in America – under the “leadership” of America’s neocons. It spread to those economies closely linked to America’s economy. Greece spent some time on the phone with America’s lenders. And America was lending “stuff” that had received AAA ratings but went ‘belly-up”.

America’s neocons, who wrecked everything they touched(if you are not big business) have spent twenty-some-odd years in DENIAL of the outcome of their many political and economic performances. They, or their supporters, have even blamed minorities(the 47 per-centers) for the crashing of America’s economy. Introducing confusion into the problem resolution scene helps the source of the problem  – not the solution of the problem.

It is really weird, how the source of this problem has escaped the intellect, or something, of the press. America’s neocon’s Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act set the stage for two things: (1) bail out of a BIG BUSINESS that had violated Glass-Steagall Act and (2) “MODERNIZING” America’s economy by returning it to the economic conditions of the 30’s.

Is there more SENSATIONALISM in keeping the Eurozone talk alive while not relating the same problem to its source?

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