Using The ‘Great Recession Tool’ To Fashion A New Beginning For America


It is the epitome of stupidity to spend funds in a budget-busting fashion on “world-wide terrorist fighting” while giving the rest of America’s treasury away via tax cuts. This was a huge factor in America’s Great Recession. The actions  were voluntary actions by adults, of sound mind and body. And it appears that no one made them do it and it wasn’t accidental.

If it wasn’t accidental then what steps might follow in an obvious  attempt at a new beginning for America? It is obvious that the neocons want to wreck America and seek a new beginning.

Attaching the word “new” to the neocon’s idea of beginning is similar to attaching the word “modernize” to the neocon’s idea of  “going back to the future”. Their economy crashing Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act was said to modernize America’s economy. It modernized by “going back to the future”. However they don’t want to go so far back that they reach the kings and queens era – that created America. They don’t want to go back to the days of kings and queens. Instead they want BIG BUSINESS MEN to run the country. America’s army would not be used for the “queen’s work”. Instead it would be used for the work of “BIG BUSINESS”.

There already was an expression: “we know how to run the country – all we need is someone to sign off on stuff”. And the neocons did indeed sign off on Iraqi’s Oil Law before they left America’s highest office.

While America’s highest office is free of neocons, its Congress still retains neocons who continue their work on crashing America’s economy to fashion a new beginning. Unlike the thirty’s, the neocons are fighting to retain the deadly effects of their Great Recession of 2007. They have shown no evidence of a higher respect for America than for their political party. And their voting strength in Congress makes turning their Great Recession around more difficult than it was for President Roosevelt in the 30’s. 

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