International Law And The Law


Extending the concept of the law(what’s obeyed) to international law(what’s NOT obeyed) does not seem to have worked “too good”. Law breakers risk jail – International law breakers – not so much. Law breaking focuses on regular citizens. International law breaking focuses on the “higher ups”. A country’s “higher ups” are better at establishing laws for regular citizens than for themselves.  International laws puts the focus on “higher ups”

Who might “go to jail” if attacking Iraq and grabbing its oil broke international law?

Who might “go to jail” if foreigners murdered a high ranking politician in the international domain?

Who might “go to jail” if foreigners dropped bombs on another country’s facility?

Who might “go to jail” if foreigners did periodic ‘”turkey shoots” to the inhabitants of a “walled in community”?

Who might “go to jail” if foreigners “sliced penises” in search of evidence against the penis owner?

Who might “go to jail” if violators of International Law were prosecuted?

It might be easy to see why International Law is having such a difficult time finding traction.  International law might have an unusual relationship to nuclear arsenals. America(neocons) has a significant nuclear arsenal and Israel behaves like it too, has a significant nuclear arsenal. Perhaps, when there is confrontational politics between or among countries, the “nuclear arsenal” is a factor.  Then it might become – “you can’t arrest me unless I agree to be arrested”. Would that you had that kind of power when the “PO-lice” knocked on your door.

And you might consider it a ‘”cheap shot” if someone suggested that the “PO-lice” should knock on your door.

It appears that International law is not making much headway. Human vocal chords are still making threats in the International Law domain. While the United Nations, itself, won’t drop cluster bombs -  one might wonder if it won’t “protect to its death” the right of certain others to do so.

Establishing International Law may still be a work in progress. And that progress is very slow to come about.

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