The Conservative Media, The Liberal Media, Ethics And Journalism


The conservative media, some time ago,  set as its goal an  attack on the liberal media. The attack’s mission was not to enlighten the American people  but to eliminate, as much as possible,  the influence of the liberal media on the thinking of the American public. The liberal media fully supported Kipling’s 6 honest serving men and the idea of freedom of the press.

But, in 1980, a new brand of politicians was on the move in America. Eventually that movement  was called by many names ; but at first it was called Republicans. Their political performance was unlike either of America’s two major political parties –  Democrats or Republicans. They fooled everybody – even William F. Buckley Jr., who helped establish them in a leadership position in America’s politics. Of President Bush’s Iraq war Buckley said: Bush Will Be Judged on Iraq War, Now a ‘Failure’. So, the conservative media had a big job ahead of it. It had to somehow “dummy up America” so that America would vote for those post 1980 “Republicans”. The quality of their news performance was not given a high priority.

As it turns out, the attack on the liberal media was also an indirect attack on ethics, journalism and the quality of the content of America’s current events news pool. The neocons have had twenty-some-odd years to disable the validity of the liberal press and indoctrinate Americans into a new life style. 

Listen to this conservative media attack on the liberal media in May of 2007. The post is a post. Listen:

Rosen again criticized "liberal" media without noting their frequent conservative spin

Research May 4, 2007 9:01 PM EDT ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

Mike Rosen asserted in his May 4 Rocky Mountain News column that anchorwoman Katie Couric delivers a "liberal spin on the CBS Evening News," that "All Things Considered on NPR is a liberal love-in," and that The New York Times and The Washington Post are "reliably liberal." Further, on the May 4 broadcast of his Newsradio 850 KOA show, Rosen charged that MSNBC host Chris Matthews is "a Republican-hater." However, as Colorado Media Matters and Media Matters for America have documented, the news outlets and journalists Rosen criticized as too "liberal" frequently have displayed a conservative slant.

Rosen’s News column was about a congressional push to "bring back the [Federal Communications Commission's] Fairness Doctrine in 2007" after former President Ronald Regan put it "out of its misery" in 1987. According to Rosen, the proposal to revive the Fairness Doctrine comes because "[l]liberal politicians hate the influence of conservative talk-show hosts on radio"[…]

The conservative media now has twenty-some-odd years in its war on the liberal media – How well has the conservative media’s objectives been met? What goals did  the conservative media aim for? And did the “aim” hit the mark?

The neocons’ conservative media push deposited journalism into the gutter. Going along for the ride was ethics. The neocons’ News of the World is deceased. It overdosed on telephone hacking. Telephone hacking is illegal. The conservative media, however displayed a super selfish and irresponsible attitude about breaking the law.

The political arm of the conservative press has a long, very long list of illegal, immoral, uncouth behaviors in the public domain. And America’s ombudsmen(voters) still voted for them. Kindly recall that America touts itself as a Christian nation. But penis slicing is not Christian behavior. Nor is providing crack cocaine to ex-slaves’ neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California(Reagan country). 

The conservative media’s attack on the liberal media has brought about significant changes in the quality of America’s current events news pool. The degradation of America’s news quality has been so bad that what advertises itself as news is a joke. One news source, sometime ago, advertised itself as, Fair And Balanced. Perhaps America’s intellect had diminished to the point where it needed help in distinguishing the output of right-wing news sources.

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