While America’s Neocons/Tea Party Don’t Have An Economic Clue(Just Like In 1929) – Europe Seems To Be Focused!



EU agrees to cap bankers’ bonuses


Swiss referendum backs executive pay curbs

This time around even Wall Street seemed concerned that Europe might not follow the lead of America’s neocons. Listen to this:

Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling From U.S.

They(the “conservatives”) are doing the same thing this time that they did the last time. The last time their solution turned a depression into a Great Depression. They attempted, via tariffs, to dump the cost of their  mistake on other countries.

This time they are dumping the cost of their  mistake on America’s middle class – socialism you know. While it is smart not to try tariffs again – it is just as dumb to dump on Middle America. Since the perpetrators of this Great Recession won’t be hurt, that may ensure America’s rich(the neocons political base) may well shoot for more depressions in the future.

But, as everyone should know by now – the problem’s cause is the neocons’ political base. They hold their political base in higher esteem than they do America – socialism you know.

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