Managing A World Of Hypocrisy Has Become More Challenging

  1. hy·poc·ri·sy



    The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.


    cant – dissimulation – double-dealing – insincerity

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Should one’s own behavior, in the nuclear domain, mirror the behavior one is demanding of others?

Israel, of all nations, has spoken up about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. That is a travesty. It is a worse case scenario and pains the brain to further comment.

Currently, the countries demanding nuclear behavioral changes in North Korea, exercised that same behavior themselves. And now the “nuclear club” is demanding that North Korea NOT join. And to make matters extremely worse – America’s pre-1980 DIPLOMACY stance has been replaced with America’s post 1980(neocon) WAR-MONGERING stance.

The civilized world is now a long ways away from what it was during the days of Ex-President Jimmy Carter. President George W. Bush helped see to that. The country that was as stable as a rock and dedicated to diplomacy was too much of a “do-gooder” for the post 1980 neocon political party(they called themselves Republicans). The post 1980 bunch applauded as Israel expanded its Middle-East land holdings  – perhaps – backed by nuclear weapons. Israel does not talk about its own nuclear weapons – but it is talking about North Korea’s nuclear weapons. And the United Nations … oh, well.

Managing a world of hypocrisy may well require the war tool.  The neocons knew that and came prepared to use the war tool. President George W. Bush spoke of conditions for WWIII and Vice President Dick Cheney let it be known that the President could launch a nuke strike without anyones permission.

North Korea should do as we say – not as we do. Perhaps a little hypocrisy is good for the soul?

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