How long Will It Take America To Forget The Presidential “Accomplishments” of George W. Bush?


The passage of time has a way of causing human beings to forget things – especially unpleasant things. And lots of folks know this. Waiting until memories start to fade may be an ideal time to “replace horns with halos”.

In 2008, Condoleezza Rice said:

People will soon thank Bush for what he’s done”.

Soon:  are we there yet? Lets do the math: 2013 – 2008 = 5 years. After 5 years are we thanking Bush for what he’s done? It doesn’t look like it. How do we keep from forgetting the promise of 5 years ago? Well….repetition can help us “not forget”. And toward that end we see this on theguardian’s website:

Jeb Bush praises brother’s record in lead-up to decision on 2016 run

Perhaps another 5 years will do the trick? That would make it 10 years all together. Will that change Ex-President George W. Bush’s accomplishments or perhaps change our fading remembrance of his “accomplishments”?

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