The Lopsided Distribution Of A Country’s Wealth Can Ignite A Civil War


The Tea Party knew,  when it put a civil war on the political table, that a lopsided distribution of the  country’s wealth could trigger a civil war. And there are many “hot spots” in today’s world that gives credence to that idea.

America’s South fought, and lost,  a civil war over slavery. But America’s Tea Party, wearing the clothing of Republicans and aligned with the South – seems to want to fight another civil war.  The impetus for Civil War I was slavery. Financial greed seems to be the impetus for Civil War II.

The slave masters and greedy bastards put their own agenda before the Constitution of the United States of America. The slave masters fired on Fort Sumter –  greedy bastards fired on America’s treasury. The firing on Fort Sumter is old history. The firing on America’s treasury is current history.

Greedy bastards did not physically fire damaging weapons. They fired financial weapons. The greedy bastards fired on America’s economy and they were quite successful. They wrecked America’s economy. President Ronald Reagan fired the opening salvo.  He fired shots across America’s financial bow with his Reaganomics. He told America some stuff. And stuff coming from between the lips of some people seems to persuade – without evidence.The dumber a population is – the better some politicians like it. The stuff that Ronald Reagan mouthed, Reaganomics,  became known as voodoo economics.  It was the start of sacking America’s economy for personal gain of a few. How did America’s “sea to shining sea” population accept Reaganomics? Placidly – likely because the press stood mute.  The neocons/Tea Party replaced the  do-gooders with  no-gooders.

So -  many Americans  “dumbfully”  sat through twenty-some-odd years of America’s economic destruction. The neocons/Tea Party attack on America’s economy was there for all to see. But for some reason – many Americans and much of the press was blind to America’s financial destruction. Some Americans “blissfully” ignored the evidence of the neocons/Tea Party attack on America’s capitalism. And yes – an attack on America’s capitalism SHALL be felt by the capitalism community – even though one author claimed the fall of those other capitalist economies was all due to their own individual faults.

Propaganda has always played a role in the news. That could be one reason why we all go to school. We go – at an early age. We attend SESAME STREET classes, at an early age,  so that we don’t grow up stupid. Some politicians fare better when the population they serve is stupid.

Prior to the neocons/Tea Party, America was a rich and productive country and could not be destroyed overnight. But overnight recovery seemed to be an idea of the neocons/Tea Party – after President Obama was elected to office.

The neocons/Tea Party gave President Obama one year to fix twenty-some-odd-years of neocon/Tea Party destruction. And the neocon/Tea Party destructors refused to allow their scheduled tax-cut  program to grandfather out. Is it any wonder that they wanted to kill Sesame Street? America’s education suffered at the hands of the neocon/Tea Party. And so did just about everything else – including food safety. 

And lets take another look at something that could serve as an IQ or perhaps, for some,  a Rochard test:

US National Debt Graph

And as you look at the very convincing evidence of stripping America of its financial resources –  a thinking brain and a smelling nose ought to see and smell a rat. The visual evidence and the odor ought to persuade even a moron that something is bad wrong here. Any American ombudsmen(voter) has, at this time,  the necessary facility(democracy) to override what much of the neocons/Tea Party is doing and much of what the  American press is preaching.

The lopsided distribution of a country’s wealth is having an impact throughout the world – even Israel who quieted its citizens by grabbing more Arab land.

The lopsided distribution of a country’s wealth can ignite a civil war.

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