President Barack Obama And The First Middle East Diplomatic Nuance In Twenty-Some-Odd Years


Diplomacy, like do-gooders, has been out of vogue in America for so long that a memory refresher might be in order. Lets visit


noun \də-ˈplō-mə-sē\

Definition of DIPLOMACY

1: the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations

2: skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility : tact

President Richard Nixon knew of the problems in the Middle East and tried not to exacerbate them. President George W. Bush went to the Middle East and did exactly the opposite. As joejolly said at that time – when President Bush left the Middle East all Hell broke loose.

The last major attempt at diplomacy in the Middle East was done by President Jimmy Carter. The “country crashing neocons” called him irrelevant.  And the neocons were so right – in one respect – the crashing of America’s economy. Look at the graph. Jimmy Carter was irrelevant to the crashing of America’s economy. But the neocons were not

It is fantastic that an American President is not giving up on diplomacy although it has been dead for twenty-some-odd years. If man has to be exterminated – like the dinosaurs – lets at least have the brains of a dinosaur and not exterminate ourselves. Why not wait for something from outer space, volcanoes again(death of the dinosaurs) or perhaps a country-wide  “sink hole”.

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