Newsweek Is Going To Make Its Presentations Only On The Internet


Today, on the BBC News website we read that Newsweek ends print edition to go online only.  Watching the news on the Internet is, for many, more convenient than getting the news through printed sources. And there is a cost involved in getting news via printed sources whereas there is much free news on the Internet.

The purchaser of the printed news might even think that a full page picture of a woman whose website blamed minorities for the cause of the Great Recession was quaint at best. And from the same printed news source one might have read of a Rand Paul toilet mishap – on the front page. And at that time one might have decided to abandon the printed, costly,  news source.

The Internet, a creation of America’s government, now has a problem concerning ownership of that creation. The man with the broken toilet(if you can’t excrete it, you become full of it) is hinting that an inanimate object cannot own  the Internet.  You see – the neocons are like Santa Claus to BIG BUSINESS. They didn’t stop at the gift of Iraq’s oil. They didn’t stop at the gift of fracking. They didn’t stop at the gift of Medicare Part D. They didn’t stop at protecting the enormous profits of the pharmaceutical industry.  No – the neocons are still at work protecting and providing opportunities for BIG BUSSINESS – often at the expense of America’s middle class.

Ars technica spoke of Rand Paul’s  Internet “creation” idea. Listen:

[…]Sen. Paul began by referencing Gordon Crovitz’s recent column in the Wall Street Journal,questioning whether the government launched the Internet. We’ve pointed out that Crovitz’s column was factually challenged; Paul offered a more nuanced version of the argument.

“It may not be completely simple but it’s definitely not as simple as that the government invented it,” he said. “When you say stuff like, ‘Oh, the government invented the Internet,’ it sort of demeans the process of the individuals who were involved.”

For example, “There was Vinton Cerf. There was Tim Berners-Lee. There were individuals. But it wasn’t the faceless government that invented the Internet. It was individuals. Even if some of them did work for government, the mind of the individual is what should be extolled, not some faceless bureaucracy.”[…]

The Internet today is all pervasive. It is a quality communication instrument and it is everything.  It is a tribute to the intellectual activities of Google. It is the creativity of Google that made the Internet what it is today. How was that allowed to happen? Good question.  A “buy up” of fledgling upstarts before they become too competitive has worked in the past.  It looks like somebody dropped the ball. So, at this late stage the BIG GUYS have been attacking Google. They have asked for help from the government. They have asked for help from the population.  Imagine a corporation that owned News of the World and FOX News  asking  for citizen help in “killing Google”.

And politicians, in many countries, don’t like Google’s Internet “too good”. What Google’s Internet exposes is TRUTH.  And lots of people and governments too don’t like Google’s Maps  telling the truth about object locations. Pin-pointing the location of a house or other public object could be – somehow – thought of as “invasion of privacy”.

And listen to this from The Register website. It was posted in Networks on January 3, 2013:

30 years ago, at the flip of a switch, the internet as we know it WAS BORN

[…]The move to packet switching with TCP/IP was simultaneous and co-ordinated with the community in the years before 1983. More than 15 government and university institutions from NASA AMES to Harvard University used NCP on ARPANET.[…]

Google, in its management of the Internet, gave back to the world. What do you think other large companies would have done had they been in Google’s shoes? If the Internet really had been invented by one of the BIG BOYS – it would have been monetized long ago.

The process of monetizing the Internet is in place for today’s news sources. And “broken toilet” politicians are in the forefront of “stealing” from the American public. That is the nature of America’s neocons.

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