Israel’s Earlier Attack On Syria Was Unannounced


But today Israel’s Prime Minister openly announces that it has a right to prevent weapons from falling into the “wrong hands” in Syria.

Are there any “right hands” for Syrian weapons? And what gives Israel the “right” to decide what is the right and wrong hands for another country’s weapons? What gives Israel the RIGHT to decide on another country’s future – the United Nations?

The United Nations, in 1946, certainly gave “Israel” the right to decide on the life or death of the country Palestine. “Israel” chose the latter and its been down-hill in the Middle East ever since. It did not just start with Syria’s 2013 uprising.

On Februrary 11, of 2008, Seymour M. Hersh, via  THE NEW YORKER, asked this question:

What did Israel bomb in Syria?

The title of the article is, “A Strike in the Dark” and here is a partial description – listen:

Sometime after midnight on September 6, 2007, at least four low-flying Israeli Air Force fighters crossed into Syrian airspace and carried out a secret bombing mission on the banks of the Euphrates River, about ninety miles north of the Iraq border. The seemingly unprovoked bombing, which came after months of heightened tension between Israel and Syria over military exercises and troop buildups by both sides along the Golan Heights, was, by almost any definition, an act of war.[…]

From the looks of things, it doesn’t matter into whose hands Syrian weapons fall – Israel doesn’t like it.

What gives Israel the right to do as it pleases so long as it’s target is Arabs? It seems like the UN gave unto Israel the birth-right of attacking Arab countries – perhaps realizing that stolen land(1946) could still have descendants who well remembered their EXODUS.

[And yet  Ex-President George W. Bush saw North Korea as a part of an axis of evil. The neocons and Israel's consumption of wars, apparently, doesn't count as evil?] 

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