While Sharing Is Much In The News – It’s About Personal Information – Not Neocons’ Political Information


Joejolly, in a post sometime ago, asked, “who caused the Great Recession”?.  He referenced a post at:


And joejolly said this of that post: “This factoidz.com post narrows the category of human beings”.

Today(5/3/2013) joejolly revisited that post and found this greeting:


You don’t have permission to access /what-caused-the-great-recession-of-20082009/ on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

The government “functionaries” who presided over the 2007 recession never admitted to any behavior that might contribute to that recession. The recession was an event that did not have a cause(reckless spending and tax cutting).

The reckless spending and tax cutting of the neocons was unlike any of their predecessors although they called themselves Republicans. A Democratic President, during the heyday of the neocon power in Congress was elected and REVERSED the stupid spending of the neocons. He put money back into America’s treasury.

During the rein of this economy saving Democrat, the neocons held sway in the House of Representatives(Illinois played a role). The Democratic President was impeached by the neocons in America’s House of Representatives(that is the only place impeachment can start).

No – that Democratic President did not start the Iraqi war  based on the figment of someone’s imagination. What he did was fail to tell the truth about a personal activity. Not a single Iraqi non-combatant died. The American treasury did not take a $3 trillion hit. And yet – he was impeached – with an Illinois neocon (who is no longer with us) playing a leadership role.

America does not know what caused its Great Recession of 2007. And not only that – America does not know what caused its 1929 Great Depression. Powerful interests “make out” during those economic disasters for the many. The top 1% fares handsomely. So, keeping America’s ombudsmen(voters) confused is likely more than accidental.

In spite of the “non-sharing” political obstacles, there is more NON-FORBIDDEN data on the Internet than you could digest in a lifetime. Included in that data is neocon economic performance. Economic data from the State of Pennsylvania is included. The Governor of Pennsylvania is coming up for re-election. His record – so far NOT FORBIDDEN – is there to see. He has creatively entered a new factor in recession era job loss. Listen:

“There are many employers that say, ‘We’re looking for people but we can’t find anybody that has passed a drug test,’ he explained.

The governor offered no evidence to back up his remark.


Neocons don’t count labor as their political base – Wisconsin and Ohio have been out-front in their attacks on labor. But labor is the root cause of America’s greatness. Neocon greed can be blind to that fact – maybe.

 Every-time America’s economy crashed these conditions existed:

Republicans(right wing) were in power

The top 1% gained 25% of America’s income

Banks were free to get involved in many areas

If you were to design your own website to process the above data, likely you would start with three basic webpages: Error Page, Site Unavailable Page and Unauthorized Page. These pages could be invoked by a login page. But not to forget that every computer on the Internet has its own identifier.

In processing the above data, a data structure of some sort might be needed. Joejolly is absolutely PROUD of the fact that he finally read authors, on a website(AUTHORIZED it was) who explained the meaning of enumerator, stacks, dictionaries and yes even arrays, trees and lists. That webpage, iprogrammer is a citadel where understanding exists and in the Google tradition – it is making information available to all.

There have been many, many neocon attacks on the learning centers of Americans. Those include newspapers, websites and yes – even Sesame Street. And a government website(neocons control parts of America’s government) has invoked its Unauthorized Page on a website. Will it take the Freedom of information act to dislodge that report – where ever it now resides?

[ Sharing is now much in evidence – but mainly where it concerns the personal information of Americans. Business information and political information seems to still be somewhat private. ]



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