Israel, The United Nations and America’s Neocons Are Not Called An “Axis of Evil”


Yet the activist among them continues to make war in the Middle East.

It is a “crying shame” how this trio has behaved in the Middle East. And this performance started after 1980. Prior to 1980, Ex-President Jimmy Carter was trying diplomacy in the Middle East. And even before that Ex-President Richard Nixon was trying to keep a lid on things in the Middle East. It was Ex-President George W. Bush, who “could not tell Israel how to protect itself”. And cluster bombing Lebanon’s “schools and playgrounds” – apparently was within protecting itself. Israel needs to “protect” itself because of how it was born.

It was the neocons, with their “Axis of Evil” detector who helped elevate hostility in the Middle East. Now it looks like the “Trilogy of Terror” is outpacing the  “Axis of Evil”.

The neocons have left their mark on the world – especially the Middle East and the Western worlds. Their legacy is one of death and despair and crashed economies. They’ve got more wars “under their belt” than most of the world’s leaders. While the neocons and their side-kicks don’t call themselves an “Axis of Evil” they easily qualify for the moniker, “Trilogy of Terror” – at least in the Middle East.

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