Trying To, In The 1860’s, Make A “Do Gooder” Out Of America’s South Produced A Violent Reaction


The South’s response, to the real Republican party’s attempt to end the South’s enslavement of human beings, was a civil war.

While it ought to be easy, in a Christian environment, to find “do gooders” and evidence of good done, that was not the case – generally.

America’s neocons, in their quest to do what the South attempted to do thought they would ally with that South for another attempt at making drastic changes to the United States Government.

At the core of the neocons’ desire for less government is the desire to “dilly dally” without a government trying to charge them with something illegal.

Even if two adults are not consenting, there is no need for a government getting involved – as the government in New York recently did – RIGHT?

And speaking of New York, whatever happened to the prosecutor who brought that non-consenting adults case to the attention of the people? Did that prosecutor get punished? He certainly got punished in the press. Oh, and by the way, did you read what later happened in the non-consenter’s home country? It seemed like the New York incident was only the tip of the iceberg.

And speaking of New York, it, along with other states, have redefined marriage. But there could be a problem with attaching this expression to the union:  “be fruitful and multiply”. Perhaps the definition of marriage will again be extended to allow for an opposite gender to join the union. It might only be for the “be fruitful and multiply” expression. And may the Good Lord have mercy on the kids of those tri-unions.

Do-gooding in America, since 1980, has taken a turn for the worse(from a do-gooders point of view) but Satan would love the “progress” that has been made by the neocons.

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