Joejolly Wondered What Side Of The PRISM Issue The Neocons Would Choose


Based on paid political ads by RandPac, it seems that Senator Rand Paul is standing against PRISM.

That may sound strange since the political party of the good senator from Kentucky, provided the impetus for PRISM’s creation. That may sound strange until you remember that neocons can go either way on most anything. It just depends on the political consequences. And there is starting to look like there may be consequences for adoptees of PRISM.

President George W. Bush, one of the neocons’ most pioneering Presidents, started the push toward PRISM. Granted that wasn’t his first intention but things just turned out that way after an American blew the whistle on the illegal activity of spying on 200,000,000 Americans. America’s neocon House of Representatives, once called a place of plantation politics,  stood “shoulder to shoulder” during this trying time of neocon ethical need. It white-washed the illegal activity and a legal concept of spying on Americans was born.

Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky and noticed Internet historian, is abandoning the early efforts of one of the neocons’ most “pioneering” politicians – President George W. Bush.

The number of high tech contributors to PRISM grew over the years. The ethics and possible attacks on America’s Constitution were no obstacles. America’s President, George W. Bush, had been  quoted as calling America’s Constitution a “goddam piece of paper”.  Doing good in America seemed to be headed for the garbage dump.

Lets visit the website of to see a timeline of America’s government killing the idea of citizen privacy. This time-line is compelling but the text of the article is even more so. Look at this time-line:

The Ugliest Power Point Slide

It looks like spoiling the whole barrel is only a matter of time when the government(neocon) is the one bad apple.

While the above time line is revealing, the author’s comments on the effectiveness of the PRISM program should not be bypassed. The author provides plenty of “food for thought”.

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