NSA surveillance is an attack on American citizens, says Noam Chomsky


Governments will use whatever technology is available to combat their primary enemy – their own population, says critic

The above title and comments are from:

  • Fiona Harvey in Bonn

  • guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 19 June 2013 07.02 EDT
  • The article can be read here.

    The neocons told Americans they wanted less government. Instead they gave America more government. The neocons lied. The attack on sea to shining sea America started in 1980.

    What, in your opinion, served as a catalyst to bring the world to such a dismal state of affairs? It is very likely communications. The antics of greedy bastards behind the closed doors of smoke filled rooms no longer remains hidden. And when a single American citizen, perhaps programmed in childhood by the likes of Superman and Dragnet, came face to face with the anti-do good of America’s neocons – they choked.  And their reactions did not remain localized. Why not? The Internet is why not.

    While world leaders opted out, for the most part, of Esperanto as the single language for the world, the Internet caught world leaders by surprise. Everybody was surprised by Google’s skillful growing and managing of the Internet. And as one might expect, the leaches are trying to attach to Goggle to do some blood sucking.

    PRISM is the brain-child of Ex-President George W. Bush. It is the legalized version that grew out of the illegal, but successful attack on the privacy of 200,000,000 Americans. Now that PRISM has been made public, the neocons will, when they think America’s common sense latch is “turned off” try to shift responsibility to the Obama Administration.

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